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Saturday, April 14, 2012

golden hair and moxy

Today, I introduce Cade..

I am so grateful for my oldest son. I thought I was going to lose him, once.
When I was pregnant, I remember going to the hospital, bleeding.
The doctor mentioned a scary word that I had never heard before. "Ectopic"
He told me to come in for an ultrasound, my baby might be ectopic..stuck in the tubes..
Babies don't survive least, most don't..

Cade wasn't ectopic.
But he was stubborn.
He was determined to see what lies outside the womb at 25 weeks.
He tried..but medication and bedrest proved to be slightly stronger than his strong will.

Cade made it to 38 weeks, but there was one final obstacle before the tiny trooper would see the world.
The umbilical cord.
It somehow found its way around his little neck.
I was well on my way. 8 hours into a natural labor and the nurse discovered an umbilical cord..
one that would act as a noose..if the baby were pushed out into the world..

So, on the fly, they cut me open..and handed me the most beautiful boy I had ever seen.
Stark blue eyes. And hair the color of gold.
With one execption.
There was one hair..just on the back of his head that stood out. It was black and wiry. It wasn't like the other hairs. It was singular. It had moxy.

I think that one hair can sum Cade up in a nutshell.
Cade has moxy.
He is one of a kind.

And his hair is still the same shade of gold...and I'm sure that somewhere..that little black hair is still thriving.

Cade stunned us all.
At the age of 2, he was putting together intricate puzzles and could point out the entire alphabet.
Cade is like an elephant that never forgets.

And food?  The boy is a human bulldozer when it comes to food. If Cade has one passion in life..It is food. Bacon. King Crabs. For his birthday, his one wish was to go to a Vegas style buffet. That changed from his wish as a four year old-- whose inquiring mind only wanted to venture off to Africa to go on a safari.

This post is really just to say one thing: Cade, I love you. You are an amazing boy. I love your sweet and tender heart. 
I love your love of chess and even your pouty moods.
I love your "face" jokes.. ( Cade asks a question. Mom, what is awesome? The answer being , "your face." He asks a series of questions and the answer is always the same.. "Your face."
It's rather amusing.

Cade, I love how you sit in front of the computer teaching yourself to draw. I love how you devise your very own lego creations. I love your love of detail.

I love how you want to be an architect because you like to build.

Cade, no matter what you are, my goal is to build..
To build you into the man that God wants you be..

I love how you look after your little brother even though he destroys your lego creations.
I love how you can quote any line from just about every movie you have ever seen. I love your love of Sudoku..and how you always try to get to watch youtube with you..short animiated lego films, Thumb Wars and Titianic in 5 second spoofs.
I love how I could sit here at this computer and type away about you all day..scared that  I might miss something.

Cade, I'm sorry I work too much and don't get the time with you that  I crave.
Cade, I love you!

Me and the boy in Santa Fe..He loved the original art galleries. He was in awe at the bronze carvings

photo taken by my sis in law. Cade is homeschooled and making an art project

I love dressing up in hero costumes and I love wearing suits to church!

I am a pure, all American sweetheart. :)

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