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Friday, April 6, 2012

Musings of an Island Girl ; Photoshoot of Big Lake, Island Part 1

Lately, I haven't had to go far to find beauty. I reel it in where I stand.  I see God in His creation. I am learning to find comfort and peace and joy in the things that belong to Him... I see Him on my island.

I grew up on the tiny island of Big Lake. I always thought it sounded fascinating to say, "I live on an island." It sounds rather intriging. But beauty can be found everywhere. In the single, solitary flower that emerges through a crack in the sidewalk..

God shows Himself through the natural world.

"If you look for me in earnest, you will find me when you seek me.
I will be FOUND by you," says the Lord.

Today, I pray that you look for Him in earnest.  

 I hope you enjoy these pics and musings of this island girl... I pray that you find beauty in your day and in your neck of the woods.. ..

One more thought:
a man at work once said that he and his wife went on a mission trip to mexico. The wife had a digital camera and a printer. She snapped photos of people who had never seen photographs and printed them for them to keep. The people were fascinated. They had never held a picture of thier children.  This story has seared itself into my brain. I don't consider myself a photographer by any means, but I think it is beautiful when we can take what we are good at..and give back...It's beautiful when we can use our talents and our skills to glorify God in some way.

To me, happiness is not only being content with what you have..but taking all that you are...all of your talents and skills and creativity...and wrapping it up...and using it to give back..To me, that is joy. 

It is a vital step on the ladder that leads towards becoming.. the person you were always meant to be...

Today I picked up the camera and headed into the Old settlement. It was lovely feeling like I was doing something that I was meant to do. The boys and I had the best time walking. 
I love the views from the public wharf. I love the smells of salt water. I love how I remember my mam maw taking me here when I was young. I love how my grandfather makes his living from the gulf.

My sweet Cade man and a kayaker in the background

Here is the picture in color. I notice things about the color pictures and the black and white ones. The black and white pictures seem fascinating but more sinsister, in some way. Black and white speaks of something, but it speaks of something different. I have always loved black and white photos..but lately, I have longed for and found a world of color. I like how lighting plays a role in photography. I once took a photgraphy course at LSU. We developed our own film. We learned that white skies are to be avoided when photographing. Clouds and color give a picture character, depth, texture.....  I pray that you find the color in your life..Christ has given my life depth and texture. He has pulled me away from the white clouds, so to speak...I seek out rainbows. I find them. Now, I will photograph the rainbows I find.

I love the palm trees. There can never be too many palm trees...If you had a choice, would you live by the ocean or in the mountains? I think I would live by the sea...THe mountains are nice..but an island girl always vyes for the sea..

We met some nice people on the wharf. They handed cade a pole and told him he could fish. This is one of thier catches.

My angel, Brendan Bear!

My sweet with the pole of strangers..

I love close ups of beautiful people.

I dream in color.

I have always been fascinated by this little house..

a nook to sit back and enjoy the day

This is a gorgeous coutyard. When I think of coutyards, I think of weddings and Heaven. I think of dining in the place where He prepares a table before us..and I can't help but think that we will dine in the most marvelous of courtyards.


  1. Love the pics! I love knowing what other parts of the country look like, lovely communities especially. That little house would fascinate me too!

  2. Great pictures! Thanks for producing them. Good to be a part of your world for a few moments, it somehow puts understanding in your perspective of things you write. Very nice!


  3. My breath was taken away for a few seconds when viewing these pictures. Rachelle..thank you...home is where the heart is...always. Love you