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Saturday, April 7, 2012

the cup, the bear, and a whole lot of musing..

Baby Brendan loves being in front of a camera. The other night we were at my grandfather's and he was having fun playing with a cup.. Don't you love how children are so easily entertained.

I took his picture.
He seemed to soak up the attention like a I kept snapping away.
Everytime he would hear the "click" of the camera...tiny giggles would escape his precious little mouth.

Of course, as I looked at the pictures..I began to see so much symbolism in each one.

What do these pictures say?

This picutre says that we should look through life's glass with the eyes of child..
Be childike....giggle and laugh and love

Do you notice the drop of water in this picture? It looks like a tear..
It is an illusion. The tear reminds me that this world is only temporary. If eternity is an ocean, then this life is but a single drop. One day every tear will be wiped from our eyes. Our pain and suffering is but a moment.

Well, this picture is just cute.

This picture is an optical illusion. IF you look closely, it appears that Bear has two noses.
Of course, we know that Bear has only one nose.
To me, this picture speaks of deception. Deception, at first glance may seem innocent.
The enemy comes to deceive. When we succumb to deception, we are walking hand in hand with darkess.
The enemy is sly and cunning. He often uses false teachers to lure us from the pure gospel of Christ.
Jesus tells us in His Word to test the spirits. Jesus acknowledged a world of spirits.
This unseen world is very real to me. Pray, seek God in earnest, and test every spirit.
Be on guard against false teachers and false doctrines.
People will try to twist the word and make lies sound like truth...having a "form of godliness but denying the power, thereof."

I think about preachers and pastors with millions of dollars..would thier nature be the same if the comforts were taken? As Christians, how would we react is our world of comfort were ripped away? Could we still lay claim to the fruits of the spirit ..gentleness, patience, kindness, self control, love, long suffering, peace, faithfulness...

I think about many of the popular leaders of  todays churches that preach gospels telling us that God wants to make us rich. Wouldn't true gospel be relinquishing riches to serve in a deeper way? Wouldn't true gospel look more like missionaries foregoing comfort to make others comfortable..or the gospel that can be lived at home..serving family and community in the humbles of ways...
Beware of deception.

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