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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Illegal Immigration from the perspective of a "Kindergartner"

My mom went to Mexico on a mission trip. The things I remember the most are her telling me about the immense poverty there. The people lived in tiny shacks made of dirt in trash dumps. Children lived there. My mom and the crew gave out candy and she told me that the children were so excited to receive it. They would run behind the van because they were so happy to be able to experience candy..something that we take for granted was gold to them.

I have never understood why people seem so vicious and hell bent on hating "illegal" immigrants. I know that the core reason that many of them come here is so that they can escape the extreme poverty that they face. I know that many simply want a better life for their children.

I'm not talking about drugs or cartels.. I'm talking about families and people that simply want a chance at this beautiful thing called life.

As I sit here and ponder this whole thing.. I wonder what Jesus would do if he saw a family of "illegals" walking down the road...
It is my take that He would offer them something to eat and drink. Sure they would have to provide for themselves, but He would still welcome them, help them, and show them kindness, compassion, and consideration. He would rejoice over the warm beds that their children could sleep in, instead of having to lay on filthy floors made of dust.

I understand the fear...the argument is that "they will take our jobs away from us"
But didn't God say, I will provide for  you and all things work together for the good of those who serve the Lord?

All things work together for the good of those that serve Him... Don't we serve Him, when we serve others? So why do we fear the immigrants so much? Why do we hate them and bash them? What is it that we really fear? DIdn't Jesus say that He hasn't given us a spirit of fear, but a spirit of power, of love, and of a sound mind?  a spirit of Love? Hmmm... how can we have a spirit of love when we hate other people or talk nasty about them.

I know that this will receive backlash. It's to be expected. That's ok. I"m not out to create enemies, the truth is that if I saw you walking down the road and you had nothing.. I would probably offer you something to drink.  I would buy you some food, and if you had your kids with you, I would see to it that  you had a place to stay...

As far as the "illegals" go, we tell them that they have a border and a line that says, "Keep Out"... will those borders exist in Heaven?
Or will there be a table where the lost, the lonely, the poor, and the lowly are invited to sit?


Tonight, I was thinking about all of the negative political posts..the name calling ones. The ones that seem more hate geared than anything.... I had actually wrote a blog post about it, but it is still a work in progress.
As I was writing it, I had this subject in the back of my head..
As I began to write this post, I began to think.. I sound like a child... It literally sounds like a child is writing this..
and then I began to think.. hmmm. maybe that is a good thing..
Jesus tells us that  unless we receive His Kingdom like little children, we will never enter it.
I'm not pompously declaring myself better than anyone.  My prayer each and every day is for humility. Humility keeps us in a mindset more like Christ and less like ourselves.

I believe that our current system of living is flawed in many ways.  This  post is simply to cause people to think about how and why we do things. Something tells me that God's intended plan for  humanity was never what it is.. The sin in the garden and the thorns have brought us to where we ae today.  Lately, I've come to see that God intended us to share, to give, and to love. He tells us that over and over again in His Word. He tells us to be hard workers. He tells us to live with integrity.

If you have anything negative to say, then I truly don't want to hear that. I hear negativity day in and day out. 
We all talk about being tolerant of others people ideas so I'm curious if people will be so tolerant of mine even if they don't happen to look like yours?

This post was in no way directed towards any person or individual. I wrote it and later noticed a post about illegal immigration on facebook.  This was not written in response to that ..

anywho, goodnite all..
love ya

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