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Sunday, September 30, 2012

into the deep

I am someone who is fascinated by many things. I love nature. I love learning and creating..
I love finding similarities and parallels between two things.

Last week, my oldest son and I cuddled up on the couch. He wanted me to watch a show about deep sea creatures. He too is fascinated about learning new things about the planet, the name it...the boy is like his mom....

So many people think that science and God have to be independent of one another. I don't believe that. To me, science only confims just how brilliant and amazing God's creation really is...

Anyhow, I was so fascinated by deep sea life that I want to share a few of the things that I learned.

Of course, we all know that in the deep sea..which extends for miles and miles below the ocean..there is no light...there is complete darkness.. and cold.  The sun is completely unable to reach this level..
but life there thrives nonetheless.

When I think of the deep sea, I automatically think of the dark corridors of this life..places that are dark and cold..places that we don't want to travel because of fear...

The deep sea has some pretty disturbing creatures.
One is the angler fish.

The angler fish is probably one of the most hideous looking creatures that I have ever seen.

Bleh..that thing is hideous!....

the angler fish can't move around very quickly...instead, it lays in wait for its prey by being really still. It has some sort of rod attatched to it's head that lights up in the darkness... It uses a sort of bioluminescence to attract prey... Bioluminesce is quite common in the deep sea....In actually, it looks beautiful..fireflies also have a type of imagine the deep sea..filled with tiny creatures that light up for various reasons and purposes. ...
The angler uses his light to catch prey. He dangles it, hoping that another creature will come along and think that it is food..but, as they approach..he strikes unsuspecting prey..

This reminds me of the verse that says that the devil comes as angel of light..He hides in wait..disguising himself as something tempting..and, often, when we take the is too late..we are caught in the trap and in serious spiritual danger..

The good thing is that Christ is still there..waiting for us and waiting on us...ready to offer us a true and pure light..ready to give us love despite our shortcomings and failures.

As I watched the show, I marveled at so many things. Every expedition into the deep sea rendered a new discovery. During the expedition on the documentary, the explorers came across something that they had never before seen..
They came across some deep sea chimneys..places in the ocean where hot parts of the earth's core shot up through the water.

Of course, I knew how islands were formed..from hot magma coming up through the ocean from the center of the earth...but i had never really seen a video of one of these chimneys..

What surprised the explorers is that, despite the immense temperatures around the chimneys, live still thrived. They weren't expecting to find life..but yet they found a small little ecosystem surviving off of the gases emitted by the chimneys..

I thought it was a beautiful parallel about how, even in the midst of dire and unprobable circumstances, life can still thrive... things can still work together...  I thought it was like God's way of saying that life and beauty triumph over adversity and impossible odds.
With God, all things are possible..

I loved learning about the deep sea because it is relatively unknown. There are hidden dangers and hidden beauty.. I marveled at seeing the deep light up with glowing jelly fish and other creatures. I thought it was interesting how many of the creatures would sense when the sun would go down and would make their way toward the surface, almost as if they were trying to catch the moon.

OK, I realize that I am sounding like a nerd right about now...

Here is a pic of one of the bioluminescent jellyfish..

Here is a sight that I would love to see.. It is tiny biolumin. squid from the deep sea that make their way to the surface to lay their eggs. This is a phenomenon that happens in Japan every year. Somtimes, these creatures even make thier way to the west coast..
The result is a glowing shore..  How cool is that?

I love how nature teaches us things..even Solomon said to consider the ants....We learn by observing, by seeking, and by allowing God to show us through His creation.

Jesus is cool regardless of how nerdy the world thinks I am..

and one day, I am going to see these tides...

On another note, last week our pastor gave an amazing sermon about  the hummingbirds. He said that he was watching some hummingbirds and he noticed how tiny they were..and yet, they are tough. They put on a show of bravery because they do what they can to protect thier share of nectar at the feeders.
They don't look around to see that they are provided abundance. They focus on the limited amount of nectar in the feeders and they defend it at all costs.
I cant' remember everything about the sermon, but it was really cool, nonetheless..
anywho, enough of my ranting..
I probably sound like a hippie..
pass me the doorbeads, then..
and have a really, really good day.

one more thought.....I think what I loved the most about the deep sea underwater film, was the fact that even in the darkest part of the ocean, there was beauty. Light still found a way to thrive in the darkness.. literally.... Isn't that who we are called to be? Our bodies don't glow, but we are still called to be cities on a hill..shining light into the depths so that others may see and glorify God...
You are luminescent

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