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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

You can tell a lot about a person by the way that they drive and false prophets

Lately, I feel as if God has truly been showing me some things. Truthfully, the things that He has shown me have been really hard to write about. On the one hand, I worry about hurting people. I know that many people have very strong beliefs about things without ever questioning where those beliefs came from. It seems that many people are simply content to read books written by men rather than going to the Father himself for answers. 

I'm not one to criticize the beliefs of others, just simply to tell people to go straight to the Source.

Lately, God has been showing me some things that actually go against a lot of what today's churches are doing.  Today, I was reading the verses where Jesus went into the temple. He was angry because people had set it up to look like a marketplace. He turned over the tables and said that was intended for a house of prayer was turned into a den of thieves. ...
I couldn't help but think that so many churches today resemble just that : a den of thieves.
The other day I mentioned how gifts are meant to be given, expecting nothing in return. Even as God sent out His disciples He told them to "Freely have you been given, now freely give." But how many pastors these days are selling their sermons for mammon.  ....and yet, we follow these men  like blind sheep being led to the slaughter. We make excuses for them, but the part we forget is the verse that says.. they look like us...they are wearing our clothes. They are speaking our language, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves.

If God gave someone a message that they truly believed in, they would be so eagar and desperate for the world to hear it, that it would be freely given to all men..without charge.... Look at the fruits.

The other day, I was driving and I truly felt as if God was right there with me. I think that the way a person drives says a lot about the heart of a person.
Think about it.

Are we rushing, angry...when we see someone trying to pass us, are we eager to see them fail? Do we rush ahead so that they can't get through...

When someone is in the slow lane, what is our attitude toward them? Are we muttering under our breath for them to get out of "our" way..  Are we that important?
God longs to teach His people humility.

It's funny how I know that I have driven a thousand times and been all of those things.. the angry, rushing driver... but as Jesus becomes more a part of who I am, I can see the error of my old ways of thinking and doing things. Jesus tells us to change the way the way we think and act..
How much of that has changed in us?
Are we pursing Him for more?

Change hurts. Even the leaves of spring, however, must first experience the falling away of it's dead branches.  God longs to produce beauty within us. And it is never easy to submit to the changes He wants to produce. Never.

I noted something throughout the course of my work history.
Every time the workers would hear about the boss coming into the area, everyone scrambles. Everyone tries to tidy up, make sure everything is in top notch shape or condition, everyone puts on a brave face and makes sure that all is in order...

What makes us think that this walk with Christ is any different?  Think of the parable of the servant.
A master left His house in charge to a servant. His duty was to keep an eye of the house and the other servants. That was his job, so to speak...but when the master was away, he felt safe.. so he began beating the servants and eating and drinking with the drunkards. Little does he know..the master will come and find him on a day that he is not aware of and at a time which he does not know...

The key is to always be ready. Don't become complacent because you think Christ isn't watching or that you have all the time in the world to get "your house" in order.

Christ says otherwise in His word.

The other day I was reading an article and I read how the Bible says to rebuke, reprove, and exhort..
Exhort means to build up...
The truth is that in today's churches, there is a lot of encouragement, but very few people are willing to rebuke and reprove when they see wrong..
IF you love your son, don't you correct Him?  Don't love and discipline go hand in hand?  Of course they do.
So if you see something that is wrong, it is not judging if it is done the way Christ a spirit of love,   it is ok to point out the wrongs that you see.

Well, that's my tidbit for the day ..
Love ya

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