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Friday, September 7, 2012

the proof is in the pudding....

Do you know how amazing God is? He just spoke to me while I was making pudding. Tonight, the boys and I decided to make some chocolate pudding.

We were whipping it up. I read that there were only four servings. We are a house of five. My oldest son made a remark that one of us wasn't going to get any pudding.. I said.."No, Cade..We are all family. We share. Even if it means that we all get a little less...We share.  So I grabbed five cups. When, I poured the pudding into the cups, the cups were all full.

I began to think of the story of loaves and fishes. Jesus and His disciples could've easily kept that food to themselves. But, when He looked into that crowd of five thousand strangers, Jesus saw family.

The loaves and fishes stories come through sharing.

and the proof is in the pudding...

Love ya!

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