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Friday, October 12, 2012

God is good, can I pray for you, and for the discouraged.

Today is one of those days when I stand in complete awe of God.
Occassionally, I get mildly discouraged. Somedays, I pour my heart into my writing and some days I truly have wondered if anything I write or do..even makes a true difference in anyone's life. Last week, I received a negative comment..nothing too harsh or hurtful..but I was slightly discouraged. I prayed hard that week and asked God if my writing was actually touching anyone's life..

That Sunday God moved at our church. My pastor has a prophetic gift and I believe that God really speaks through him, at times. That Sunday, my pastor looked at me and told me not to be discouraged in my writing. That God was using me and that I was making a difference. Another lady told the exact same thing.
Ironically, my pastor has never even read my blog. He just heard the words from God and knew that I needed the encouragement.

That Sunday two men got up and said that they wanted to start leading the youth in a youth group. Another lady stood up in tears and said that she had been praying for that moment for a while...

Lately I have been praying for my church. I am going to be praying for a lot of churches..Catholic, Baptist, name it.. any and all denomiations. We are all in the same journey. We bleed the same blood..and Christ loves each us. I'll even pray for the non Christian religions. God loves them too regardless of what we may think.

Our goal, as Christians, should be the same..regardless of what religion we call ourselves.. and that goal should be to shine the light of Christ so that the lost can see it..

Would you like me to pray for you?

If so, I'd love to do that. I don't always like to talk about my experiences with the demonic, but I've learned that they are real. But through all of that, I've seen Christ and all of His glory.

There have been times when I have been in such darkness, that no words can truly describe..But, even in my darkest moments, Christ has shined even brighter. He showed me the most during those times.

Today, I spoke with someone who told me that  her daughter was sleepwalking.

My son had problems with sleepwalking in the not too distant past..and my youngest son went through a bout where he was getting nosebleeds almost every night in his sleep..
But since I have been praying for them, Bear's nosebleeds have all but stopped and Cade's sleepwalking has come to a standstill.

Today, I am grateful. I stand in awe of God.
He is powerful.
He longs to bring deliverance to people's lives and I know that He has called me as a vessel to help do this.
If you want me to pray for you, message me.

I am always highly uncomfortable talking about my experiences with the demonic because I know that on some level..some may not belive me.. others may just flat out look at like I'm from Mars..and other's might turn their backs on me..
I could tell you of the times when I've seen things moving on their own..or the shadows on the wall...or I could tell you the night that I literally heard screams from Hell..or I could tell you of the day that I went blind..Yes, blind. I could tell you of the time I was in an accident and only the hand of God saved my life.
I could tell you of the years of depression and torment..I could tell you the story of how the devil literally tried to take me down with fear and intimidation...
But then I could tell you how my God saved me and delivered me.
The battle has been won and I stand in awe and I live in victory.

This Christian walk has been anything but easy..but God is good.
If things were meant to be easy, God would've never said... Put on your armour..
Put it on..and fight..
In the words of my favorite blog writer, Stephanie Cherry..."Press on. You are the real thing."

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