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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pam Stenzel - Sex Has a Price Tag

A few weeks ago I was sitting in a church service and a lady told me that everything that happened in my past was all for a reason.. The mistakes I've made, the hard things I've endured, would allow me to reach others in a unique way.
A week later a cousin that I rarely see or talk to, sends me a text and asks me if I want to be involved in teaching a class on purity.
It's amazing how God told me that He would use the failures and hurts of my past and then provide the direction and the opportunity to use it to reach out and speak to others.
I don't consider myself a speaker. The truth is that when I talk about anything personal, I usually end up in tears. But, I'll risk it if it means that young men and women can know that God's plan for us is to remain pure until marriage.

The truth is that I didn't wait. I should have. I could've avoided a lot of heartache.
What's sad is that purity is not the norm. It is the exception. There are very few people that have had the courage to wait. They have weathered ridicules and  taunts. They have resisted temptation and pursued a life of godliness and holiness. I commend them. They are very few.

We live in a society where we deem it "old fashioned" to stay pure.
Ive heard stories of people who have lived promiscous lives. They decscibe thier lives as empty, void. 
I've walked down those corridors..searching for meaning through, what I thought was love.
There were times when I turned to humans to find solace.. It was comforting for a time, but I found that I was always lacking..always craving something more pure and more true.

I didn't know Christ at the time. I believed in Him, but I didnt really know Him. I wasn't sure that I wanted anything to do with Christianity because of all of the hypocracy that I had seen.

I remember when I truly grasped what Christ's love really was. It was something that transcended anything physical. It was a love that reached far beyond those narrow borders. It was something surreal and yet attainable. It was there laid out as a hope and a promise.

I have not been disappointed in it since. It is a love that requires giving..a fire that burns bright through sharing. Words truly can't do justice to God's love. It is something that has to be felt and experienced. But the beautiful thing is that it can be experienced by all who seek and those who truly desire His guidance.

anyhow, My cousin recommended that I watch these videos by Pam Stenzel. She is going to show them to the class. All I can say is that everyone should watch these. Parents should show them to their young teens.

 Part 1 of 6

Part 2 of 6

Part 3 of 6

Part 4 of 6

Part 5 of 6

Part 6 of 6

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