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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

On open windows

One night I had this dream. I was in a place that was strangely familiar. I dreamt I was in a room. When, I think about this, I have the strange feeling of deja vu' ..It's almost like a place that I've been before, but a place, notheless, that seems warm and inviting.

In the dream, I am sitting in this room. It seems to be dark and dank..dusty...There are cobwebs all around.  The room seems to be a bedroom of a second floor apartment. Everything around me looks vintage and like it is from another place and time. There is nothing earth shattering about this dream... But, in the room, there is a window...It is daylight.
I walk toward the window, and when i open it...everything changes.. The light illumates the beauty of the room. Things around me begin to take shape and I am able to see the beauty and the details of the place where i am standing. Suddenly, I begin to smell flowers. It's as if..opening the window and allowing the light to shine into that room, changed the perception and the reality of the room itself.

I love open widows. I love how open windows allow daylight to filter in...Light changes things. Light can change a mood or create a differnt feel to a space. I love mood lighting. I love how the light of stars gives character to the nighttime...otherwise, there would be pure and utter darkness..

Light changes  things... Is it any wonder that the Bible tells us that God is a Light..
I see the parallel in my own life. I look at the days when I walked in darkness. The light was there all along. I simply had to invite it in... I simply had to open the window of my heart to allow God's light and His love to shine through it...
and then, the perspective and the reality changed.

Today, I pray that you will ask God to shine His light into your life..because you will never be the same.


Revelation 3:20

20 Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.

Yesterday, I captured a few pics that I want to share... I fell in love with how the sunlight illuminated the house. Light gives character to things and places. It fills the empty shadows and leaves a mark on everything it touches. 

There are several places in the world that have no sunlight for months on end. I read that many of these places have the highest rates of suicide. People get weary of fumbling around in darkness. The darkness is gloomy and depressing..

Of course, I once again think about how God calls us to shine our lights, as a city on Hill, so that our good works may glorify our Father in Heaven. God tells us that shining our lights gives others hope. The lights, our love, that we share, as Christians, is powerful enough to eradicate the darkness and breathe something into the shadows of people's lives.

Here are my pics..

Light filtering in through the bedroom window..

touching smiling faces and breaking though shadows and illuminating the ground and bird feeders

causing roots and flowers to grow

exposing rust like secrets and lies

without light, colors could not be seen

standing apart and separate form the darkness..

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