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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

hello friends..

There are a few significant things going on in my life that I would like to share.
First, I would like to open my home to anyone who would like learn about the love of Jesus. I would like to host Bible studies, and if you are interested..please let me know..

I pray that no one takes offense at the comment that I am about to make..but please hear me out..
Often, I can't help but wonder who actually reads the Bible anymore.
Are we truly delving into it ourselves..or..are we relying on someone to interpret God's Word for us..

This week, I heard some outrageous statements by those who a lot of people look up to..
I heard a mega preacher actually say that the biggest failure in the Bible is God... Yes, he said that...

I heard a renowned female mega pastor tell her congregation that we are "little gods.." and we are to live as "little gods" here on earth...  This completely goes against scripture.. Christ gave us the example to be humble servants so that, in Heaven..we can recieve the crown of glory.."
The same woman, who millions follow like sheep to the slaughter, said with her own lips, that Christ did not atone for my sins on the cross. She wrote in a book that "The atonement of sins happened in Hell after Christ's cruxifiction..

I have heard false teaching after false teaching and I truly have a concern for the people are who are not going to the source of God's Word on their own..

People twist scripture these days like it is a pretzel.
It makes me sad..

So, if anyone wants to learn scripture with me..we can go over it and see what Christ has to say about things..
In the meantime, I love all of you and I will be posting videos and writing about the false teachings that I have discovered this week..
I will speak against no one, but will let their words speak for themselves.

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