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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

10 Deliberate Acts of Love

because nothing is ever really random.....

   Lately, I have delved into some beautiful blogs that feature some pretty amazing random acts of kindness...

Those kind of things inspire me.

Kindness is inspiring.  There doesn't seem to be an overabundance of kindness in the world..There seems to be a critical shortage.

Don't get me wrong, I have met some amazing people who live out love every single day of thier lives...but, for the most part, people are lost..aimlessly wandering..searching..looking for answers the questions of life..many people are spreading hate without even realizing it..Gossiping, criticising..endlessly complaining in a world of push and shove.

The other day I was thinking about random acts of kindness. I had a thought. Random acts of kindness are never really random. They are deliberate. They are birthed from hearts that look like God's. Love is inhaled. Love is exhaled through kindness...

I like the anyonymity of the whole random act of kindness thing...I like the idea of being loved by someone who doesn't know me.

The other day, the boys and I did a few of our own random acts of kindness. This list, however, is mostly comprised of a list of things I've done and things I would like to do..Consider it part one..of the story of my life..

First off, before I publish this...I don't want anyone calling me a "good person." The truth is that before Christ came into my heart..I was a liar. I was base and disgusting. I am living proof of the transforming power of Christ. I am not a good person. I am a renewed soul. Maybe that sounds silly, but so be it...

I hope you enjoy these deliberate acts of Love...

one of my favorite places....

1. I have always wanted to drive through the Starbucks drivethru and pay for the person's order in the car waiting behind me. You never know what someone may be going through. Small acts of kindness have a huge impact. Kindness inspires others towards love. Could there be anything better than a free cup of coffee? Not much.

In heaven, there are flowers that do NOT die..!!

2. Flowers on cars. The other day, the  boys and I bought some flowers. The kind that do not die. Some days, Jesus shows me little pieces of Heaven. There will be an abundance of laughter and flowers that never die. Everything there lives forever. People need hope. Heaven is hope. Today, I wanted to remind people that no matter how dismal things may appear. Though Death will eventually claim our bodies..there are flowers in Heaven that do not die. Nothing dies in Heaven. Sometimes, I think people need to hear that. It is Truth.

Olivia, my niece with bears!

3. Bears for children. A while back ago I found a website that had some really good prices on bears. One bear only costs a few bucks. They are high quality and amazingly cute. The bear comes equipped with a specially designed T-shirt. I picked out the words, "You are worth so much. You are simply loved." My boys and I sometimes deliver the bears to Harbor House. Harbour House is a temporary home for children who often suffer from abuse and neglect. I read an article about the children of Harbor House. Many of these children grow up to lead a life of crime, and some even take thier own lives. I know, in my heart, that only God can heal these kids. Only people who truly love can leave a lasting impact. But I wanted to make thier day a little brighter with bears that remind them that they are worth something..and that they are loved by people who don't even know them.  

Some of the bears are set to go to the Burn Hospital in Baton Rouge. I haven't had a chance to bring them yet, but am planning a trip in the near future. I once read that one of the worst pains that one could ever experience is a severe burn. I am writing letters to the children telling them how beautiful they are..and bringing bears!

handmade, crocheted baby booties!

4. Baby Booties! About a year ago, a family member gave me a pair of handmade, crocheted slippers. I don't see this particular family much so I thought the act was very gracious and generous. As I was looking at these slippers, I began to notice the intricacy. Each stitch represented an act of love.  Love is action...stitching together anything is something born out of love... I have no sewing, crocheting skills whatsoever, but those slippers inspired me to buy baby booties in bulk. I searched E bay for good prices on baby booties. Many of the sellers offered me a good price..I got baby booties for as little as a few dollars a pair! I sometimes take them to Pregnancy Resource Centers. I know that Jesus loves all women, even those who have had abortions...but I want to remind women that thier babys have feet. I hope that these little booties will remind women that there is hope and love still left in the world. I want  baby's to have warm feet!
There is nothing sweeter and cuter than baby feet. There is nothing more miraculous and wonderful than a new life...

My son, Brendan "bear" and Alicelynn

5. Meet Alicelynn. A while back ago, I heard of an organization called Big Brothers/ Big Sisters. It is an volunteer organization that allows you to be matched with a child who needs a good old fashioned, Big. There are a lot of children out there who really need more positive role models in thier life. That is why I signed up. A few months ago, I had the honors of being matched with Alicelynn. She is my little sister. I can honestly say that I love Alicelynn. We have gone to lunch, shopped at the mall, and the above picture, shows an outing to McDonalds. My son fell in love with her. She is sweet. She has spunk. She loves things that are pretty. Alicelynn, you are pretty. You are a beautiful girl, and I am glad to be a part of your life. You have a good heart. I hope that you can see Jesus in me, because He loves you very much. I am looking forward to bowling with you next week or Putt putt..whichever you decide. Maybe you can meet my cousin, Callie.

Christmas Cards for the Homeless..

6. Christmas Cards for the homeless. This Christmas I did something different. I gave out gifts and cards to the homeless. I began to wonder..When do you think the last time a homeless person received a Christmas card? Have they ever recieved one? When is the last time anyone gave them anything out of love? Without strings attatched?  As a society, we have largely forgotten that Christmas is about love. God set aside a day to give His only Son to the world..that we might Live..but instead of honoring that act...Christmas has become a holiday set aside for a man in a red suit, holiday food, and expensive gifts. The root of Christmas is love. This year, I wanted to go back to the root of Christmas and simply make it about love. I wrote individual notes to each person at our local shelter. My uncle Ray helped me to purchase blankets. I bought new, fresh socks..My mom and I put it all together in a bag of love, and brought our packages to the Salvation Army's homeless shelter for men. I hope that those men felt loved that day. I hope that, whoever you are reading this..I hope that you feel loved too...Because you are.

This particular journal was bought for a young girl...

7. Women's Journals..One day, I was strolling through the bookstore, and I saw a huge sale on journals. I thought it would be lovely to buy some journals for women in the local homeless shelter. I chose journals because I wanted women to realize that no matter where they are in life..their thoughts are important. I want women to realize that they are special no matter what size lemons life has handed them.. My mom and I stayed up late writing messages in the journals. We wrote from the book of Isaiah. There is a verse that promises beauty for ashes. Upon delivering the journals to the shelter, I learned that there were several children living in the shelter, as well. I began to realize how much we take for granted.  I was sad that a child would have to grow up without having the security of a home. If more people shared..If more people gave a little bit more..then, life would look drastically different. Many people would have a fighting chance, and the world would look a bit more like Heaven. Reader, whoever you matter where you may be in this life- Your thoughts matter. Write them down. Tell them to God. He hears you, and He longs to heal your brokenness.

8. I've always wanted to logon to the Compassion International website and buy an animal for a family. You can buy goats, chickens and a bevy of other animals to help sustain a family. Jesus said "Feed my sheep." By sheep, He meant people. There are too many hungry people in the world and far too much waste.
Find out more about feeding the hungry at :

9. Rewarding the faithful. Jesus said to bless those that bless others. Goodness and faithfulness isn't celebrated enough. Instead, it seems that society often rewards bad behavior. Examples are everywhere. I follow a few inspiring blogs whose writers live the gospel. They don't just speak it..They actually live it.. One writer has given up a bank account, car, and the American Dream to work in an orphanage in Mexico. She shares stories of how God is using her to touch the lives of children without mothers and fathers. The blog is titled, Caroline in Mexico. Another blog I follow, Terribly Interesting, is written by a beautiful woman by the name of Stephanie Cherry. Stephanie and her family are the owners of Gomer's House. They decided that they were going to sell their home in the suburbs and restore a one hundred year old home in a drug addicted neighborhood. They see that restoration is more than just about fixing up a home. They minister to people in the area and open thier home as a respite for people in ministry and the hurting.  Caroline in Mexico is in need of some books for the children at the orphange. This week, I hope to help Caroline with her wish.
Stephanie of Gomer's house is in need of things for her home. This week, I hope to buy her a nice new set of wind chimes. You would have to read her blog to understand...The moral of this long story is that God Blesses those who bless others. What act of love could be more wonderful than helping someone who is helping someone else. It looks like a beautiful rainbow of love..It extends far and wide and the colors reach those who need it most.

10. Purple plastic stripey cups and bubbles. The other day I found the cutest little purple plastic cup at the Dollar Tree. I am going to leave it on someone's car and tell them that I want thier life's cup to "run over." I am going to tell them that gratitude is seeing life's cup as always full, even when you seem to be staring into the glass bottom. I am going to leave bubbles to remind them to be childlike.  To sum it all up, I want to be a light. I want people to see Jesus in me. I want to cause people to question the path that they are on and see that freedom and love comes through Christ Jesus. He is the Way, The Truth, and the Life. I know in my heart that I could spend all of my time on works..but I know that only Christ can truly change a heart. I know that love is found at the foot of the Cross, and the more I seek, the more I find. I know that so often we are occupied with our own lives..that we forget to love others. Ask God to change that. I am confident that He will. Lovers keep loving. Writers keep writing. Singers, sing on...Do everything for the glory of God. Use the talent that He gave you for deliberate acts of love. Love often. Love with purpose. Love with purity. Love anonymously.  I have a cousin that crochets hats for cancer patients. Crocheters..keep crocheting. Painters, keep painting.. You are creative and you were made for a purpose. And that is to love.  "And the Greatest of these is Love."

God Bless all you Random Acts of Kindness people. You are really loving and loving deliberately.

She opens her mouth with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue. Proverbs 31:26

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