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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Motherhood is a beautiful thing.   It is unarguably one of God's greatest gifts. There is sweet purpose in holding a tiny life and making the commitment to love it no matter what...

That kind of love leaves the heart vulnerable.

Last night, my sweet little "baby bear"' was running a fever. His temperature reached over 105 degrees. I was somewhat worried and decided to call the emergency room. They instructed me how to bring down the fever... Take something cold and place it behind the neck, under the arms, between the thighs... Take off the baby's clothes.. Medicate.

I did my best not to let worry and fear consume me. When a tiny little body is sick, the heart, the mind are prey to vulnerability.

We live in an area where West Nile virus is a threat. In the mind of a mother, a simple fever could be a very tangible threat.

In the midst of all of the cacophony, I did something unexpected.

I began to thank God.

I have learned that worry and fear cannot contaminate a thankful heart.

I thanked God because no matter what we suffer here on earth, there is greater place awaiting.

He continually whispers to my spirit.."This life is not all there is..There is more." 

One day we will dwell with Him in a place where there is no sickness, no death, no disease.  We will dwell in a place where mothers don't have to worry about their children. Together, we will thrive, grow, and from the darkness that seeks to destroy and rip away.

I have seen Heaven in my dreams. I know that it will be wonderful.

This life is not all there is... I am so grateful for that promise.

Jesus tells us that this life isn't easy. He tells us to expect hardships, trials, difficulties, persections..He
tells us that some will hate us because of Him... Thank Him anyway.

Go on. Move forward. Press on.
This life is a test.
The Bible tells us that we are in a race. Run, so as to get the prize.

Last week God showed me something.

Does anyone remember the story of the tortoise and the hare? They were both in a race.
The tortoise was expected to lose. He didn't have the speed to win. His body was designed for running. But...
The hare had focus. He had his eyes set towards something. Everyone told the hare he would lose. The odds, it seemed, were stacked against him..but he pushed forward. He pressed on.
Then there was the hare. The hare is a natural born runner. His body is designed for speed. The hare set his eyes on something else. He was frivolous. He didn't take the race seriously.  He alluded himself that he had time.
Of course, we all know that the tortoise won the race.

This story mirrors the Christian walk in many ways. Of course, if God had written the story we would have seen the tortoise trying to help the hare finish the race. We would see that, in fact, the two were not competing...the tortoise would have done all he could to make sure that the hare finished right alongside of him....
When will we realize that life is not a competition? When will we realize that the prize goes to the ones who set aside thier differences and simply trust God and help others along the path?

Life is hard. Press on anyway.
We keep going.
We  should thank Him even when the wind blows our way. We trust that when the storm is over, we will walk amongst the rainbows and we thank Him that this life is not all we see.

But it's hard.
The tendancy of our flesh is to fight. To question. To doubt.
But when we learn to walk with God in spirit,  He gives us eyes to see a wider, broader, lovlier picture...
When we surrender self, He gives us eyes to see the eternal picture.

I recently read a book by Randy Alcorn, entitled "If God is Good." It provides wisdom and insight into suffering. It delves into the reasons why we suffer.  In one part of the book, Randy explains that this life is like looking at the back of a rug. We see the frayed edges, the suffering. We see things that don't make sense. He says that, perhaps, when all is said and done, we will stand in Heaven someday and see the other side of the rug, woven as a tapestry of God. And, like all things God creates, it will be beautiful.

Today, take a moment to thank God despite your cirumstances. Thank Him, anyway.

Move on. Press forward. Push on.
You are in a race.
I love you, and I want to see you at the finish line.

And finally, my "baby bear" is doing much better today. Thank you, God.
Thank you.

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