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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Meet Brendan "Bear"

Ain't I just adorable? Could I get any cuter? Seriously...
Bearbosa with flowers!

2 feet of nothing but pure boy!

I realize that, as a blog writer, I don't write enough about my family. That is about to change. The beauty of a story is in the details.

My family is a huge part of my story.  They are gifts from God bestowed upon my life...and my life would not be complete without them.

Each week, I am going to introduce a member of my family to the endless world of the web.... They will be immortailized in cyberspace....

Today, I would like you to meet Brendan.

He is two years old and he is pure boy. Dirt runs through his veins. His favorite toy's are drums and dumptrucks.
He sings, and he sings with fervor. He scrunches up his little face and belts out hard rock.
He likes loud!
There is nothing sublte about Bear. He is the type who will one day take the world by the horns and conquer..

But, as with any giant, there is a sweet and gentle side... "hold me, mama"...I love it when he says those three words...There is nothing more precious than a little tiger staring up at you..saying...Hold me..

Bear is an independent. At two, he is often seen trying to do for himself. He doesn't like help. He is quick to attempt to try to fix his own water and is even trying to dress himself.  He helps his brother water the ducks...He offers to help empty the dishwasher...

He is a comedian. He often doesn't realize how funny he is...sometimes, he says things that would only come from a mature, adult mind...and it comes out as quite hilarious.

Yesterday, we were riding in the car and he had bunch of flowers in his hand. I told him how handsome he looked holding the flowers.
Bear saw a photo op and suggested that I take a picture of him with the flowers... I thought it was comical that a two year old could determine a good photo opportunity

So...I perched him on a chair...and asked him to pose...but as he is forever, endlessly moving...The photo didn't come out as expected... But, it is still cute, nonetheless... Bear considers himself a photographer.  One day I showed him how to use the digital camera. He started snapping away. He was getting all these wierd angles and perspectives. It looked as if he knew exactly what he was doing. His confidence amazed me....

If I tell bear to do something that he doesn't want to do..He looks at me and simply says, "Never."..We'll see, little bear... We'll see..

I love you, Bear... My life changed the day you were born. Life is a miracle, and my life wouldn't be the same without you.

Well, I am having trouble uploading the pics of the photo shoot with the flowers..check back later and they will be there in all of thier sweet goodness.

Oh, and bear loves Jesus..that is important!

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