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Friday, March 9, 2012


I almost got run over by one of these bad babies...

This post is strictly for entertainment purposes.
I was fortunate to be able to study at Hull University in the UK for a brief stint through the LSU study abroad program.

the entire experience was mesmerizing and truly one that I will never forget.
I lived in a dorm with people all over the world. They made an impression on me.  The people made my experience great. 

Every night, the Italians would cook dinners. We ate at different houses during the week.

Lately, I have tried to find my old friends, but to no avail. They are scattered across the world.
I pray for them often...

Let me give a brief, albeit entertaining introduction to my friends..

First there was Maria Elia Perez..also known as “Princess Elia.” And yes, elia was and still is a princess. She wore the finest clothes. Her hair was posh. She always smelled good. Despite her  title of “Princess” she never acted as if she was better than anyone. On the contrary, Elia is one the most sincere, kindhearted and fun people to be around.  She wears a crown of grace. And she loved poetry. I remember her love of fine art and poetry.
Then there was Anna lisa Fumagali Ceri , or should I say, Anna liiiisssssa…let it roll off the tongue. Annalisa was, well Annalisa. She was a very dear friend to me. She was always nursing a broken heart  over Italian Expresso. She ate satsumas like there was no tomorrow. She was thin as a rail and I miss her madly!
Then there was Federica..also know as Fede..She was my roomie. She was the party girl of the house. She was fun, lively and she called me her “myth”..She had a fabulous way of making people feel welcome..Even though she got into a fist fight in London on New Year’s day….

Then there was William. William was the American from Chapel Hill North Carolina. He fell in love with the Princess Elia. I’m very sad to say that William passed away shortly after our time at Hull. He was in a car accident. I will always remember jogging with him on occasion. He was a very good man, and I can’t help but become sad when I think of him.
Then there was Delphine. Delphine was French. I remember her teaching me how to make an apple cake without a recipe. 
Then there was Anna. At first, I thought Anna didn’t like me..She was kindof shy and very studious. She liked the music of Joni Mitchell. Finally, we warmed up to one another and she became a great friend to me while I was in Hull.
Then  there was James. James was the bloke of the house. He was always playing games and cracking jokes. He was fun and red headed. I sortof crushed on James toward the end of my stay. He was a sweetheart.
Then there were the Italian men that would always come to visit. Mateo was the one I remember most. He tried wooing all the ladies. He managed to break a few hearts ..He tried to get at mine, but failed. He was a typical player.. As Annalisa would say “ahh those mediterranen men.”

One of the things that struck me as unique in Great Britain was the terminology. Thus, this post..
Simply to share with you some fun British terms..

Cheers, my friends :)

a diaper in the UK is called a nappy.."Don't forget to change the baby's nappy"

Goodbye is often expressed as "Cheerio".. Tattoo say's "Cheerio!'

This would be a bloke. A nice looking bloke

A tellie! What is on the tele! Ahh, an advert.. (advertisement)

An umbrella is called a brolley. Don't forget to take the brolley on your way to Tesco's

The trunk of a car is called a car "boot"  Instead of garage sales, Britains have car boot sales where items are sold from the back of the car. How cool is that!?

This would be mincemeat. It tastes like groundmeat because it is groundmeat!

Candy Floss!

The hood of the car is oft. referred to as the car "bonnet"

Looks like this lil train is buggered! Angry, worn down, tired..

These two lads are snogging! Yes, a kiss is called a "snog"

This would be the loo..

A truck is called a lorry.

Well, these are just a few of the terms I remember.  I loved how in Britain we drank hot tea in classes, and I even found the disgusting leek sandwiches entertaining. 

a few more terms..
an elevator is a lift
a pair of underwear is called "knickers"
a pencil eraser is a rubber

and instead of beaudreaux and thibodeaux jokes, they have jokes about the Irish and the Scottish...

Cheerio, my friends.. :)

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