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Monday, March 19, 2012

Love Is..Part 3

Lately, I've been having a lot of fun writing these little "love is" posts..I am finding that since I have been writing about what looks like..I am paying more attention to the way I behave. I am asking.."Does this behavior/action show love? I am becoming more aware of the love in others... I hope that you will share what love looks like to you... One thing I am learning is that it is better to throw away expectation and love regardless. ..there is no love like unconditional love. Love that keeps no record of wrongs and does not easily anger. I struggle with love sometimes. But that's another post for another day...All I can do is pray for God to increase my capacity to love..One thing I have found is that loving when it is hard..increases our capacity to love. Forgiving opens us up to love even more deeply. There is healing in love. My hope is that these little "love is"posts will cause you to love more pay attention to those around love learn that love is in the "giving up." Love is sacrifice. It is not self serving. It continually gives. True love is the kind that throws no caution to the wind. It looks humble. True love is the kind of love that says, "I would die for you." True love looks like Jesus.

Here are my 'Love is" posts for the day..

Love is caring truly caring for a pet...taking time to invest in a small creature, nurturing it..feeding it..simply loving it and seeing that it get's the best care possible..

Love is washing dishes in the sink..especially the ones that aren't yours.

Love is washing your own dishes so someone else doesn't have to..

Love is staying up late with a sick baby. Love is wringing out the water on the washrag and putting on a feverish head..Love is taking the time to care for someone who cannot care for themself.

Love is chipping in at the grocery store when the person in front of you is short on change.

Love is mowing the lawn without being asked...

Love is drawing the bathwater for a spouse...just to let them know you care.

Love is not drinking and driving because you realize that others lives are more important than your own...and even though you seem "ok to drive" there is a part of you that realizes that you could easily cost someone their life.

Love is letting someone cut in line..just because..

Love is the extra five minutes pushing someone on the swing set...

or the extra ten minutes at the park..even though you are ready to stay a little longer because you love..

Love is letting the person riding in your car control the radio...or the thermostat..

Love is checking the oil levels in her car..

Love is hiding nothing, keeping no secrets, living in the light, keeping nothing in darkness..telling the Truth at all costs no matter how much it hurts and regardless of the consequence..

Love is working overtime so your coworkers don't have to..

Love is turning down overtime to spend time with your family

Love is paying back someone the money you owe

Love is forgiving a debt.

Love is changing a dirty diaper.

Love is not yelling when he spills the milk on the carpet..

Love is adopting and caring for a child..

Love is knitting hats for cancer patients.

Love is taking time off from television to spend time with your family. Love is creating your own story.

Love is baking him the Boba Fette cake he has always wanted.

Love is baking cookies and taking them to the neighbors.

Love is teaching your child to read.

.... This list makes me realize I need to work on a few things. Last night "bear" said something sweet to me..
I asked, "Bear, what do you think love looks like?" I didn't really expect him to understand the question, but he answered with the sweetest answer... He said love looks like, "mommy."

Some days I feel like I fall short as a parent.  I work long hours and sometimes feel like I don't do enough with my kids..but that is another post for another day..

Today, I hope you find love. and know that you are loved.

Love looks like sacrifice and that looks like Jesus.

Jesus loves you!

Love is patient. love is kind. Love does not easily anger.

Love looks like sacrifice. And sacrifice looks like Jesus.

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