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Saturday, March 17, 2012

...on blackboard walls, letters to random stranger, and how God moves

our blackboard wall
 I like to write.
Lately, my family has adopted a tradition. One by one, we are painting blackboards on walls with paint that you can write on.. Blackboard paint..
I like the sound of the chalk, as it moves purposefully across the blackboard. I like how there is purpose in writing. I envelop the idea that a simple thought can touch many lives.

Sometimes I write letters to random strangers. I remind them that God loves them. I tell them that thier lives are not defined by the way that others have made them feel. I tell them that they are beautiful and remind them that they have a purpose.

One week God placed someone on my heart, a very dear old man from our small community. I anyonymously wrote him a letter telling Him of God's magnificent love. A week later, I saw him in church. He humbly walked toward the alter and cried.

I thanked God after the service. God, did you use me to minister to this man's hurting spirit?
Did you use my writing to touch a life? 

I could go on and on about writing and creativity and God and His wonderous love... I don't really know what the purpose of this post is..except to say...writers, keep writing..
lovers, keep loving...
Followers of the Most  High, keep following..

You are making a difference.
God is using you.
You are creative. You inspire.
You breathe through ink and silent..lettered keys..

Today, love and love anyonymously. Paint a wall with blackboard chalk. Write words that encourage. Speak them into the life of your family.
and praise God for His goodness...

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