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Friday, March 16, 2012

all things bacon

Today, I am taking a moment to pay tribute to my son, Cade..

The best way to do that is to honor the thing he loves most: Bacon

Every morning, Cade unfailingly has the same breakfast request. Yep, you guessed it..


Every morning, we go through the ins and outs of how bacon causes heart disease.

Cade doesn't seem to mind... He is growing boy, and he still wants bacon...

Cade, this post is for you....You don't get bacon every day, but I think we can still find ways to incorporate bacon into your life...

Momma loves you...

here is a visual representation of all things bacon!

Cade, promise me that no matter how deep your love of bacon, you will never get one of these...
Promise me.

Thanks, but no thanks!

Here, you go sweetheart...for that meaty wound, slap on a piece of bacon..

Cade, I know how you like to dress up..maybe, we can get you one of these...?

Diet coke is gross enough by itself..
but to the bacon lover...perhaps, this is pure genius

Bacon for the bath!

Bacon toilet paper!

because bacon lovers need more bacon in between thier teeth...

bacon is an element! Perhaps, I have underestimated you, bacon!

Why eat bacon, when you can wear it?

Cade, you are too young to understand....

foamy bacon!

I think I will get these bacon air fresheners for the car...I will drive with the windows down..
that way, the entire neighborhood will smell like bacon!


Bacon and dark chocolate..hmmm..triple heart disease or
antioxidant meets bacon!


Future girlfriend? Just make sure she doesn't have a bacon tat....


For when you have children...

 Well, now that everyone is craving bacon...


"Are you achin' for some bacon, He's a big pig..You can be a big pig too.." - Pumba

profound, right?

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