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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Grace and A Divorce Prayer

Sunday at church a message was given about Grace....
About how even the most distressing circumstances can be overcome through Grace....
How even sinful situations can be healed through Grace

I heard this message and I knew it was for me...

Two days later, I was dealt a very serious and severe blow by my husband....taking to another woman, yet again... I have reason to believe it is serious....
What is going to help me with this situation?


What is going to ease the knots in my stomach and help me to overcome with dignity?


What is going to help me to forgive, but yet pick up the pieces of my life and MOVE ON!


I'm not going to lie. This hurts. But guess what?


The Grace of God can help us through anything. The same Amazing Grace that freed us from the bondage of sin, can pick us up in times of despair...

Jesus, please blow your precious wind in my direction..
Please look on me with favor...
Please have mercy on those who have wronged me but help me to
move on
with Grace
Dear Lord, please let me not define my worth according to how others have treated me...
I have been beaten down
But Lord, through it all...
You extend your Grace...
Let me see and Know that Your Love is all I need

Not the selfish, impure love of a man
But let me bask in the perfect, unfailing, all encompassing
beauty of your Light...
For in that Light, there is no sorrow
there is no rejection

In that Light, there is only peace
Let me rest in You, Lord.....

Please look favorably upon my children
Please let me raise them, teaching them to be honorable
and kind
Please let me be a living example of your love
and let that Love infiltrate thier hearts...
Be thier Father, O' Lord

Dear Lord, I know that divorce is never your will
But Lord, I know that people in this life are wicked
and selfish.
I know that goodness and righteousness are not in the hearts of many.
I know that evil prevails in so many lives.
But Lord, I have turned my back to darkness

Dear Lord, let me never make the same mistake again.
Never let me pursue love in man,
let man pursue me in love,
but only those whose heart is pure
and right and good
Only those whose heart beats in time with Yours,
will ever be worthy of my attention
Dear Lord,
Forgive me for the sins of my past.
Dear Lord, Give me your Grace...

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