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Friday, July 8, 2011

I choose to move!

Tonight, semi lost in my situation....I began to read other blogs...It's amazing to peer into the life of see how many people out there have pure and good hearts...

It's wonderful to be inspired by the kindness of others. It's also humbling to come across a blog and see the immense hurt of others. But so many people handle hurt with such dignity.

My sister in law, Melonie, for instance...her mom was recently murdered...the killer is still on the loose. I know Mel is having an immensely hard time. I can't imagine the injustice and the hurt she must feel.....But even in the storm, Melonie still praises Jesus...She still goes on, despite wanting to quit... To me, that is true strength....moving when you feel like sitting down..

Strength is looking disaster in the face, spitting at it, and saying, "I'm still alive, and God is still Good." That is strength...

Tonight, I was reading a blog and I came across some links...I clicked on the links and I was brought to sites where starving children places where kids needed help....
and I thought, "wow, I am not being strong right now.."

To be strong, is to go on...despite the hurt...This storm will push this boat forward, and I will move!

So....Instead of sulking in the misery of my situation, guess what?
Jesus is going to help me to move!

Perhaps I will order some more baby booties tonight...babys need warm feet and new moms need encouragement more than I need to wallow in the mud.

Satan, get thee behind me....
Tonight, you lose...
I move! I choose to move!

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