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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Heavy Heart

I have a heavy heart today. Today was the wake for Mrs. Jeanette. I am so sad at the senseless way she died. I am heartbroken for the way she was taken from her family.
It's so tragic and so senseless. I couldn't imagine someone taking the life of my mom or my child.

I can't even begin to imagine the burden. I am so sad for my niece and nephew whose grandmother was just "taken."

I can't fathom what would go thorough someone's mind.
But I truly have no doubt that Mrs. Jeanette is in heaven. Please read my post dedicated to Mrs. Jeanette...

Tonight I grieve for her and for corruption in general.

I know so many people that openly flaunt their adulterous ways. I know so many people that talk about heaven and how they will be there....but yet, continue in ways of lies, greed, corruption and heaven only knows what else..

Do people think that heaven is a free for all? Do people think that everyone will be there? Does everyone think that if they cross their fingers and make a wish, that Jesus will say, Oh, it's ok that you lied and stole most of your life, come on in.."

Sadly, I don't think it works that way. When I walked in total darkness, I thought that if I died, I would be safe. I thought that God would have pity on such a lost, hurting soul.

He did have pity on my lost and hurting soul, but He wanted me to call out to Him while I lived.
When we die, the choice is made. There is no going back. The road stops there. What matters then is whether we abadoned our evil, selfish, lying ways and took the narrow path...or we choose the wide path, that felt right and ended in death.

I"m sad becasuse I know people openly engaged in adultery and yet they somehow believe they will make it to the Kingdom. News flash. It's not going to happen, you are playing with fire.

If I hadn't seen and experienced so much, I might be walking the wide path's the easy route, but in order to truly see and understand we have to commit to doing right, to seeking His face, and to giving up that which He asks...

I'm not the type to preach "hellfire and damnation." When I went to LSU I would always see a man standing in the middle of the quad, shouting to the whole campus that they doomed to hell.
It irritated most folks because there didn't seem to be anything kind or loving about this man.
He seemed to be throwing rocks at everyone with his words.

But I've learned since then that hell is a horrible place. I know it from all that I have experienced in the realm of the supernatural. I'm not going to stand on a podium and tell everyone that fire and brimstone will rain down upon them, but maybe it is good that someone reminds people that Hell does exist.

I pity the man that murdered Melonies mother. A very harsh sentence awaits this man unless he somehow finds his way.

If people believed in Hell, everyone would think twice before murder, adultery, and lies.
America might not be going down the toilet if people believed that there was a Hell.
IF people reached for the Light, sought Him, and acted love, life would be more like a Heaven on earth and less like the Hell it is becoming.

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