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Monday, June 20, 2011

Beautiful places

One day I thought I heard Him telling me that if I would sell my car and give the money to help the poor, He would take me into beautiful places.

The knots came. The knots that often arise when He tells us things that we don't want to hear.

This is something that I have struggled with. I actually struggled with anger for a short time over this request.

I had worked hard for my car. It was mine. I was proud.

But God has a way of teaching us that we aren't meant to be proud.

I guess I had to work on mentally letting go of the car...

around the time of the earthquake in Japan, I noticed how people's cars were floating in the waves, piled and heaped like rubble.

People's cars looked so insignificant in light of all the tragedy. What is a car? or any "thing" for that matter?

As I "let go" of the car, I felt like Jesus gave it back to me....I felt like He just wanted to show me that I that I ought not to be proud.

Pride seems like something so harmless. But what is pride? Isn't pride what keeps us selfish, greedy, and corrupt?

If everyone had less pride and more humility, thinking of others as better than themselves, imagine what a peaceful world we would live in...

Jesus also taught me sharing...What does it mean to love your neighbor? He showed me that love is exemplified through sharing.

Beautiful Places. How I long for "beautiful places." Every time I act in love, He brings me into a beautiful place. Of the heart. Of the mind. One day, He will bring me into physically beautiful places. Places that abound with natural beauty...

I told Jesus, Jesus, If you really want me to sell my car....Please send me some confirmation. Send me someone to confirm this....But I wonder if He will..

Should He need to? I don't think so....isn't that what faith is? To listen to His voice and still know that you will be provided for and taken care of?

One day I was at work and He illustrated something to show me that He would take care of me.

The way I see it, my car is a rolling beacon of Light...I have my baby booties for new moms in the letters to moms considering abortion, ...

I have my letters for abused kids and teddy bears in my trunk....I have Bibles and good things..things to let people know that they are special..that they are cared for and loved....

Beautiful places. I long for Beautiful places.... Read the above post...He asked me to sell some things in the past...the above post talks about my experiences...

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