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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I just wrote this speaks of the hidden dangers of lies destroy!

the subtle echo of darkness
cloaked, as a clown, with
a smile...

but the smile is deadly
it hides a true intent,
a heart of darkness
the smile of meniacal clowns..

behind the face of laughter
are eyes of fire....
an all consuming fire that seeks
to destroy

the pact, our bond of words
without it,
our words mean nothing...
our words are air
empty, meaningless, air...

air that sits in chimneys
stale, coughing, choking in fumes
blowing out smoke
and dust
and death

how innocent a string of words
that have no meaning...
how innocent...our white utterances..that
we cover our mouths to try to hide...

eat this fruit, nothing will happen,
chaos ensues

the root of the darkness
grasps the tongue, and the devil bids us speak..

Lies. Lies. Lies. Lies. Lies.

tongues of invisible weeds
syallables in sucession
twist and thwart
around the heart
and choke out Light
that helps us grow


subtle as a cherry falling on the ground
a cherry
plump and savory
but the inside is bitter
the taste is rot


Lies. lies. lies. lies. lies. lies. lies.

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