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Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Hands

A person's hands reveal so much. Our hands, often contain lines that show who we are..our work shows on our hands. I wrote this poem a few years ago..and I realized how idle my hands were. So i rewrote it...Its amazing how much I know I have changed by the working of my hands..
Our hands aren't meant to be idle..our hands are meant to help...what are your hands doing?
what do your hands say about you?

My hands

My hands were starfish
Grasping the Atlantic
Reaching for the titanic
Pulling up weeds instead

My fingers were cat of nine tails
shallow roots in the ground
Planted on my hips
Idle for watching the sunset too long

And when I was nervous for love
My hands were branches
Extending, swaying
reaching out in desperation
and uncertainty
Creating a mindful of trees like
The fruit tree in Eden
I plucked

But as He changed my heart
He changed the working of my hands

My hands no longer rest on pillows of time
they tend
waving to strangers in cars passing by
catching the lint off of shoulders

My knuckles
are clasped in prayer
tiny warriors
pointed towards heaven
i breathe with my hands
and exhale words
like, "please don't let her kill her baby"
Send your rays of Light

My hands are bony
They are my mothers hands
Everyone says they are piano hands
My hands are giving hands
Cupped into baskets filled with bread
For birds

Some say that you can tell a lot about a person by their hands.
I try to see what mine say about me

They are worker’s hands
Nails in the dirt
Dirt in the nails
They are handing my son a starwars lego set
We are sitting by the ocean
One hand in the water
the other raised as a white flag of praise
and surrender
Search for the titanic
And find it

there are no weeds this time around
we reel in beauty
like catching fish
amazed by the working of Hands

awesome! written by me..inspired by Jesus...yay! cool poem

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