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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mrs. Jeanette

Today a tragedy occured in our family. My sister-in-law's mother passed away.
I can't even call it "passed away." She was brutally murdered. Her name was Mrs. Mary Jeanette Duhon. We called her Mrs. Jeanette. I didn't know her very well, but everytime I saw her, a smile lit up her face. She was beautiful on the inside and out. She was in her late forties.

Today her estranged husband decided he wanted revenge. She decided a few weeks ago that she no longer wanted to endure his abuse. Like a bird wanting to spread her wings, she flew away from him. Apparently, he wanted her back in a cage. So today, around 7:30 a.m, he took his shotgun to her home and took her life.

She is the grandmother to my niece and nephew. She is the mother to my brother's wife, my very dear friend, Melonie. I wish I had words to comfort the family right now. I can't fathom such a tragedy.

Lately, I have grown close to Melonie.

During the course of the past few weeks, I have listened attentively to her story. She has an amazing story. It makes me sad how so many amazing stories are tinted with tragedy. So often they are more than "tinted" with tragedy. Sometimes they are covered in gore.

Sometimes, it seems as if the human spirit can't rise to its highest, unless it has been beaten and broken into almost nothing.

No words can express my sorrow for Mel and her family.

I want to share some things Mel and I talked about during the past week, because even though all seems lost right now, there is still that Light.

I can see it so clearly. I know that if I was directly involved, I don't think I could see it.

I think I would be be so wrought with grief, that the Light would seem hidden. But I know that it is still there.

I was talking to a coworker last night about some things Mel shared with me. Through her story, I can see the face of Jesus. Mel's dad passed away in 2007. He died in an offshore explosion.

Mel shared a dream she had two weeks before her dad died. She told me that, in the dream, she saw Mrs. Laura Lynn Wasson. Mrs. Laura Lynn had recently lost a daughter. In the dream, Mrs. Laura Lynn led Melonie into a room. Melonie said, the room was black. Pitch black...but she could hear voices of her loved ones. She couldn't see anything. She was very confused and afraid standing in the middle of total darkness, unable to see anything or anyone around.

Finally, She found her way outside. She stepped into a beautiful garden. When she looked at her chest, there was huge beetle covering her heart. It had long feelers that had pried deep into her skin.

Mrs. Laura Lynn came to her and said, "I am going to remove this beetle. It is going to hurt, but when I take this beetle off of you, there will be no scars."

That was the dream. Mel explained how she had no idea what the dream meant.

Two weeks later, Mel's dad died. She said shortly thereafter, Jesus showed her the meaning of the dream. The dark room was the very dark place that she would face. The tragedy. The voices were the loved ones who would comfort her in her despair.

Mel asked Him about the beetle around her heart. Jesus said that the beetle represented the deep pain that she would face, but that when it was all said and done, there would be no scars. He would heal her from her pain.

Mel told me that after her dad died she was so very angry. She prayed and prayed to hear his voice in her dreams. She said one night, she saw him in her dreams. He was carrying her baby, her unborn child that she had lost in a miscarriage, and he was smiling from ear to ear. He was so happy!
I cried along with Mel, as she told me these things.

She told me about the horrible, horrible time she had dealing with everything. She told me of the immense pain she faced. There were days when she couldn't get out of bed. She said she spoke to God one day. She was ready to give up. So many people that we loved had died that year.

She said, "Show me, God. Show me Something, Please!" She opened her Bible. She said that she heard a voice telling her, "Read from the beginning." She replied, "I have the read the beginning so many times, Why should I read from the beginning?"

"Read from the beginning".

So she did.

She told me that she read until she came across the story of Noah. She said, it was then that she knew why she had to read from the beginning.

She said Noah's family were "all together" in that boat. They were all there. Safe. The winds and rain came down, but yet there they were still '"all together."

Today, as I heard about Mrs. Jeannette's murder, I was sick to my stomach. I still am. But Mel, Russell, Tori,....if you are reading this....Mrs. Jeanette is in that boat. She is there.

Please don't give up hope.

One day, you will be in that boat, as well.... That boat is heaven. It's a real place. I've seen it in my dreams. It's more real to me than a person standing beside me. I've seen so many supernatural events and occurances, that Heaven is literally more real to me than anything else.

I wrote a post several months back, entitled "all together."

The only way we can ever be "All together" is through Him. Because life doesn't end when we die.

There is more. There is so much more.

But we all have a choice. As living beings, we can choose to walk in darkness or we can choose to get on the boat. The boat is Light. On it are all things good and all things right. On that boat, is eternal life promised through Christ Jesus.

God Bless you, Mel. God Bless you, Luke, Rebecca, Micah, Tori, Russell, Diane, and all those affected by this horrible death.

My prayers are with you and I am here for you if you need me. Love you!

I just read Mrs. Janette's facebook posts. Lately, she had been so happy and so grateful to God.
In her posts, she frequently counted her blessings. She was so beautiful on the inside and out.

I learned from my brother that Mrs. Janette's last word was, "Jesus." Of all the thousands of words in the English language, she knew the One that could offer her hope. I can see Jesus in her final moments, answering her call,
I can see Him picking her up, putting her on His back, and saying, Come away with Me, my love. Come away....and then He placed her upon the boat and took her into heaven.

God Bless you, Mrs. Janette.

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  1. That is beyond exceptional. It's heart breaking, heart wrenching & heart warming. I am soo happy to know that Jeanette was met by JESUS at that horrible painful time to take her with Him to her new home of peace & love where there is no more pain, no more fear, no more of satan's monsters to hurt her any longer. Melonie, thank you so much for sharing such personal intimate moments at such a painful time. Your mom's tragic death has affected many of us, but as you share these things with us you are helping each of us as we try to comprehend such an evil senseless act. As many of us cling to the memories of your mom we will let God show us what good HE wants to shine through. You seem like such an awesome daughter & your mom must have been soo proud. Thank you for helping the rest of us in YOUR time of pain. I will never forget your mom & I will always love her.
    And yes, your sister-in-law has an awesome gift.