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Monday, June 6, 2011

Message to all faiths

Why is there seemingly so much "religious" hatred and intolerance?


Why do certain religions believe that thier way is the ONLY way to the Cross?

Didn't Jesus say, I am the Way, The Truth, and The Life? No Man cometh to the Father, but by me?

Jesus doesn't reside in a building or an institution.

He is there for ALL who seek Him.

My GOD is so big, that He doesn't limit Himself.

He is there for all that Knock.

He never said, "to all Pentecostals that knock, I will answer, or to all Baptists that knock, I will answer. Or to all Non-Demoninationals or Catholics that knock, I will answer."

He calls us each to knock.

I hope I don't offend anyone, I just wish that religions could come together in the ONE Man that unites us.

Are we meant to be divided? Are we meant to feel so "separate?"

Something deep inside me says that we are not.

I've learned how to break the barriers of opposing religions....

It is unimaginably simple.

It is through His Love.

I can honestly say that I truly love all people of all religions. Honestly.
I want everyone to find thier way.

I have friends and family of the Catholic faith. I rode to a funeral with a lady of Catholic faith the other day. She was one of the most thoughtful and considerate person I have ever met. She Knew Him.

My friend, Jennifer and my in-laws, Know Him.

I am not Catholic. I Know Him.

Why do we try to "change" one another?

I've had so many people attempt to convert me to their religion...

Is it not obvious that I know Him? That I love with my heart and soul?

His Word is written on my heart and mind, the way He said it would be. If every church in America burned to the ground, His Holy Spirit would still lead me into Truth...


Because I seek. Because I knock upon the door...and He is faithful to His word...
He opens it unto me.

It is a beautiful thing.

How He loves each of us. No matter what religion we are, or what church we attend.
He loves us even if we do not go to church.
He loves the crack addict. And the cocaine dealer. He wants them to come to Him.
If they Knock, He will answer. He does not limit Himself.

He does not belong inside of a box. He is too big. He must sometimes feel suffocated by the ways that we limit Him.

I used to wait tables. Sometimes I would wait on Pentecostal women. They wore long dresses and had long hair. I like thier long dresses and long hair. To me, it represents modesty.
To me, it is beautiful.
I would always wonder if they looked at me different. If they judged me for my shorter hair and jeans. But maybe they wondered if I judged them....

How I wish we could could come together in love and abandon the hatred....

I have been in churches of other faiths and felt like a foreigner. I have felt hurt at comments by other "religions" that sling insults at people "not like them."

Why? Doesn't that go against everything that He taught?

The only force powerful enough to break down a love.

Simply, love.

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