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Sunday, June 12, 2011

What more do I need?

Am I not worth more...
than the flowers of the field

I have the promise of a Place
the pains of yesterday are healed

I will not be overcome with selfishness nor greed
Because I have a Savior,
What more do I need?

When I feel the needs and wants
and the world calls out to me
I shout back mightily
What more do I need?

I have a place to go
In times
when I need rest
I have the shawl of Righteousness
I wear it like a vest

I have the love
I was meant to have
I share it, humbly so..

I take His Light with me..
Everywhere I go...

I looked to man for comfort
but nothing have I found
Only in His arms of Love
Am I safe and sound

I see beauty in the simple things
The moon, the stars, the skies
I feel the love of nature
My heart is growing wise

I see beauty in the smiles
of those
I care about and lead
I love the boys God gave to me
What more do I need?

If grief wrapped itself around me
The desperate ache of woe
I have a Man that I can Trust
In His arms I can go

If everything fell apart
scattered like wind and sand
May I still see the Light above
The working of a hand

For though I grieve to think about
the times of loss and pain
I pray I find the gentle One
Whom I know will sustain

This life is but bone and blood
and in this life I bleed
But I have the next, He promised me so
What more do I need?

Written by me...Inspired by Jesus

I used to write very complex poems...often futile..but sometimes, I am finding that the simplest things are the most beautiful and the most effective.

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