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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Story about a Green and Yellow Bird

I am going to attempt to retell a story that was told at my church the other day. It was told by a very dear woman. I'm not going to post her name because I would like to get permission from her first.

She told a very beautiful story involving her husband and a green and yellow bird.

She spoke of how she has often prayed for her husband. He doesn't know Jesus. She has consistently and faithfully prayed for him.

The story goes something like this...I don't rembember all of the details...I may even get a few details wrong, but I recall the story's message...

Her husband was shrimping offshore. He kept seeing this green and yellow bird. He would often try to get close to the bird, but it would fly away. He repeated this several times. He tried to get close to bird. The bird would fly away.

Near sundown, the man noticed that the bird had gotten caught in a net. The man was sad for the bird. He said a prayer to God that the bird would safely be able to get out of the net.
Note: This is a man that doesn't pray.

The next morning, he went on deck for an early morning smoke break. He sat down and looked for the bird in the net. It was gone.

As he was sitting there, the bird lands on his knee, looks him in the eye, and chirps.

The bird then flew away.

I thought that was a beautiful story. To me, it showed how God hears our prayers. He heard the prayer of the lady praying for her husband. And He heard the prayer of the one who didn't know Him, but called out to Him.

The lady said her husband was amazed by the incident. He is becoming aware that there is more than to this life than what we see.

The lady at church often writes. She is going to write her version of the story. Hopefully, I can share it on my blog.

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