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Thursday, August 18, 2011

35 cool things I've done

....Just wanted to introduce myself to my blog readers. I'm I'll talk about 35 cool things I've done.....

1. had lunch at a park in England where a squirrel climbed on top of my lap and tried to eat my apple.

2. Spent Christmas in England..We didn't have a Christmas tree so one of my buds decided to go to the campus to dig one up.

3. Took a trip by myself to Ireland, met a very cool Italian girl from Austrailia named Claudia. Went hiking in a little town called Howth, north of Dublin. Picked up a hitchiker, named Dan Breen. We thought he was so cute, we tried to find him a few days later but couldn't.

4. Took a trip to the dales of northern England, just so I could see the sheep in the fields. Baaa.

5. Bottled up some of the North Sea and saved it for my sister.

6. Walked across London Bridge, sat in front of Big Ben, saw the crowned jewels at Buckingham Palace, and went on a tour of the Tower of London.

7. Got a Private Investigator's License, just because.

8. Saw the graves of one of the Bronte sisters and went to Scarborough fair

9. I have driven a train at my job and I can operate a forklift. Woohoo.

10. Got two degrees. One in Advertising, with a minor in English. And one in Plant Process Technology.

11. Wrote the song that I sang at my sister's wedding.

12. Climbed Dunns River falls in Jamica and drank Blue Mountain coffee in the Jamican Mountains.

13. Went to Edinburgh, Scotland with one of my roomies from Hull, England. We stayed in a youth hostel.

14. Walked in castles and abbeys.

15. Rented a jeep and paid a guy named Pedro to drive me and a friend around the island of Cozumel. We ate mango to our heart's content and stopped at beaches to get our toes wet.

16. Ate an overpriced hamburger in Grand Cayman.

17. Saw the actor Harry Hamlin at an airport in Canada. He smiled at me!

18. Worked at a cajun restuarant in Baton Rouge, where there was a full fleged zydego band. I got fired for playing an air guitar.

19. Saw Elton John in concert (twice), The Who, U2, The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Bad Company, KD Lang, Yes, Collective Soul, Train, Shania Twain, and went to Crue Fest back in my concert hopping days.

20. Went to the top of Pike's Peak, the Denver Art Museum, The Garden of the gods, drove thru Kansas, camped in the Smoky Mountains, saw a 6 legged cow in Kansas, along with some cute little prairie dogs, marveled at the wonders of Carlsbad Caverns and walked the streets of Santa Fe with my son.

21. Took a sign language class.

22. Performed in a few college plays.

23. Dated a professor

24. When I studied abroad in England (thru LSU), we stayed in a student house. I lived with people from all over the world. Three girls from Italy, two girls from Spain, one girl from France, and a guy from the UK. Several nights a week, the Italians would have Italian dinners at various friends houses. We indulged on homemade spagetti, Italian coffee (Lavazza) and toasted bread dipped in olive oil.

25. Had coffee and beignets at Cafe Du Mond.

26. learned an Irish Dance

27. had a meteor shower party, with a huge bonfire, a bevy of hotdogs and buns
on the coldest night of the year.

28. rode on a riverboat in York England at night with my mom, saw the famous church in the movie Elizabeth, and gazed down at York's famous red roofs.

29. ate lunch at a cafe in London, saw Rembrants and Picassos, and saw the double decker buses, fed the pigeons in Trafalgar Square, and went to madame Tussand's wax musuem.

30. Ate dinner on Royal Carribean Cruiseline, my Turkish waiter kept calling me, Julia.

31. Sent my boy Cade to Disneyworld.

32. saw the Great Roman Baths, in Bath, England

33. lived through a hurricane

34. fished at night

35. My name is Rachelle. I love adventure. I have had many and I will have many, many more. My life up to this point has been filled with wonder and sorrow. I have to say though, that the coolest and most precious thing I have ever done. The most important experience in my life, was when I surrendered my heart and soul to Jesus. Everything else is futile and fleeting in comparison. No joy comes near simply claiming the love and joy that He has for us. Every day with Him, is an adventure. He leads us into unexpected places and bids us to bring hope and joy into the lives of others. Nothing else compares. Nothing else even comes close!
So I begin my next set of adventure, only this time...I Go with Jesus.

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