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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Intro to "His Little book of Light"

Dear Lord,

By the same Spirit that created the Universe, by the same wonderous threads of light that stitched the ocean to the shores,

mend the hearts and minds of those that seek you.
Humble us, O' Lord...that we may walk in meekness
and shun greed.

This life is marked with grief. Tragedy and wrongdoing is abundant.
But Lord, teach us to hold onto the Promise of your Word.
Teach us to cling to every prayer, every syllable, every lesson.

Let us take comfort in your Presence, where nothing else is needed, and all
is Sacred.

In your Light, Lord, there is perfection. In your Light, there is an undescribable Peace.
There is a joy that knows no limits.

It is the Light of Heaven...and It never dims, never falters, never wavers.

Your Light is a Light that lives. It is a consuming fire.

Dear Lord, I thank you!

For, I have seen that Light in my dreams.

I have experienced It's wonder and awe.

"For God, Is a Light,"

I have tasted a very small portion of the Living God..
and I hunger and thirst for more!

I have set my foot inside Eternity...

today, and for the rest of my days, I long to share that Light with others.
The Light where love lives..
The Light where kind words flourish..
The Light that clothes the naked, feeds the hungry, takes care of the orphans...
The Light that speaks to us and calls us to be disciples...

In Your Light, Lord, no harm or lies can live...

So reader, be encouraged. Be inspired.
Seek Him. Breathe Him..
Give Him your time, Surrender...
He will bid you to take these little pieces of Light
and make them grow.

In each of us there is a candle...we are wicks..made for His Holy Spirit...
we determine how large we want our flame...

Do not hide your Light, dear reader.
together, we can become a huge fire..
a fire consisting of His wonderous Spirit...

His Light,
It grows when we spread it..

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