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Tuesday, August 9, 2011


As I was reading, "Come Away My Beloved," by Frances J. Roberts...
I was both challenged and inspired...
I would like to include an except from her book.. Read it, and be blessed


Have I not said that unless you experience chastening, you may wll doubt your sonship? Why then, should you shrink from my rod of correction? You are not the teacher, but the pupil; not the parent, but the child; not the vine, but the branch.

Discipline and correction must come if you would be brought into conformity to My divine will. Shun nothing My hand brings to bear upon your life.
Accept My blessings and My comfort, but do not despise My sterner dealings. All are working toward your ultimate perfection.

Do you hope to be made perfect apart from the corrective process? Do you expect to bear large fruit without the pruning process? No, my children, either bend in submission to My hand, or you will break in rebellion.

Godly sorrow yields the good fruit of repentance, but if you are brittle and unyeilding, you shall know a grief of spirit for which there is no remedy. Keep a flexible spirit, so that I may mold you and shape you freely- so that I can teach you readily, nor be detained by your resistance.

I need disciplined Christians. To entertain self will is to court disqualification. You cannot do My work to My satisfaction except you do it in accordance with My specifications. There are not many blueprints for one building; there is only one. Even so, to change the figure, there are not many different husbandmen. I am the husbandman. If you refuse My loving care of you, you shall be cut down by others who have no concern for your soul. Even as I said of the salt: if it lose its savor, it is good for nothing but shall be trodden under the foot of man. If the branch bear no fruit, men shall gather it and burn it.

Do not relax in a false peace. Do not negate My love by refusing My discipline. My love is not indulgence. I have much to accomplish in fulfilling My will. I cannot pamper your will when it is running counter to Mine.

Be no longer spoiled children, allowing the old nature to invade your spiritual fellowships. For while there are jealousies and competition and suspicions, you are yet allowing the carnal nature to reign-even to infiltrate your spiritual gifts.

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