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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Expect the Unexpected...

I would like to include one more excerpt from Franes J. Roberts book, Come Away My Beloved...

I was deeply blessed reading it and I hope you are too...

A few months ago, I attended a church service and a pastor told us that Jesus gave him a message for us...

Expect the Unexpected.
As I was reading "Come Away my Beloved," I came across a chapter entitled none other than
"Expect the unexpected"

It bids us to throw caution to the wind. To let go and Let God...

Expect the Unexpected

My child, let Me speak to you, and let My Spirit direct your life. I may lead you in unexpected ways, and ask things of you that are startling, but I will never

guide you amiss.

Across your path shall fall the shadow of My hand, and wheresoever I direct you,

there shall come forth from your ministry that which shall glorify Me.

Do not walk according to your natural reasonings, but obey the promptings of the Spirit,

and be obedient to My voice.

I need those who will be completely flexible in this way, because there are a mulitude of souls

who are seaching for Me, and would never come into contact with Me in a personal through the channels of the organized church.

You sahll go as Phillip went-at the behest of the Spirit-into places that are out of the way, and bring Light on My Word to those who are in need.

Stay in an attitude of prayer and faith, and I will do all the rest.

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