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Thursday, August 11, 2011


The other day, I was reading my favorite blog, Terribly Interesting, written by a lady from Texas.

The title of the blog was "The Love Dare." I became a bit curious so I did some reasearch. The Love Dare is a book that was based on the Christian movie, Fireproof.

I became even more curious so I decided to watch Fireproof.
I think that any and every couple should watch this movie. It gleans biblical principles and teaches you how to use them for your marriage. It was heartfelt and moving. It portrayed Christ in a way that very few movies do. I was impressed.

I know that it takes two to make something work, but I think I am going to order to the book and give it a go. I know that it certainly won't hurt anything, and I know that I will learn from it.

Kindness towards the ones who have hurt us, force our heart to grow in very unexpected ways.
I am praying that, if nothing else, I will learn and grow from this experience. I pray that acts of kindness toward the one who hurt me, will link me closer to His own heart.

tonight, I challenge you to order a copy of The Love Dare. See where kindness takes you.
If you don't have a significant other, make your own version toward someone who has hurt you.

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