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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Holes in Thier Hearts

Sometimes I surf the web seeking out someone's story.
I want to hear how Jesus has touched the lives of strangers.

There is something intriguing to me about how He reveals Himself to people in so many unique and wonderful ways.

One day I came across a story about a woman who claims that Jesus spoke to her.

She said that she grew up with heart problems, but Jesus told her that He allowed her to have heart problems because, through her condition, she learned to have compassion for others.

I was driving one day and, for the strangest reason, I began to reflect on people who were born with holes in thier hearts.

I"ve often heard of tiny babies that are born with very small holes in thier hearts. Jesus spoke to me about people who have holes in their hearts.

The holes allow the Light to shine through..... He whispered.....

I began thinking about how each of us has some sort of hole in our heart. Some are literal. Some are metaphorical. But each of us has been hurt or damaged in some way.

Perhaps, it is so the Light can shine through us...
Perhaps, the hurt we share unites us in some way and if we would only allow the Light to pass through those holes, lives could be illuminated.

Our past hurts allow us to connect with others in ways that are very real and often very meaningful. They provide a depth to our spirit.

If you are suffering from an ailment or condition, I know that there are so many questions. Today, ask Jesus for wisdom. Ask Him to show you why or how your condition has caused you be stronger.

Something tells me that He will answer you.

I am fortunate not to have any major health issues. But there are many things that I have gone through that I do not understand. Read my blog from the beginning and you will know what I am talking about.

On a lighter note, I was born with a large nose.

It's not overwhelmingly large, but I was very self conscious of it as a teenager and child. Kids used to pick on me about it incessantly.

When I was a teenager, I was playing baseball and my nose became injured. I took the opportunity to use the surgery to make my nose just a wee bit smaller. Now, it's slightly crooked, but I no longer let it bother me.

My big nose has made me a stronger person.

Now, I like my nose.
I sometimes wish I hadn't lopped off the little bump that used to rest in the center of my nose.
God gave me that nose. It is my dad's nose.

I like my nose :)

Dear Lord, let others see beauty, even in the midst of adversity. Let others learn to see thier weakness as a stepping stone for something much greater. Dear Lord, let others learn to see themselves as Your Creation.

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  1. I never noticed your nose. I always just knew you for you, and who and what you are =). Beautiful posting Rachelle.