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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Let's get our hands dirty

There are days when Jesus reveals His character to me.

My sheep hear my voice....

Ther are days when I am at work and he bids me to work harder,

put things in thier rightful place....

He bids to take the extra step...

He showed me that love begins where we stand. Perfect love is consideration.

So I have tried to work a little harder. I have sweat a little more.

Jesus never quit. I think He must have work his fingers to the bone because there is always more to be done.

One day I was washing out a railcar. He bid me to clean it almost perfectly.

The next shift was going arrive and inspect it.

He showed me that by going the extra mile toward perfection, I exemplify His perfect love.

If I had washed the railcar halfheartedly, then it may have inspired the slightest bit of anger in someone. But Perfect Love, he showed me, means desiring no foul thought or even the slightest discomfort for someone else.

Roll up the hoses. Put things back in their place.

I know I'm still not perfect, but I am learning His character of Perfect Love.

Give more. He says.

When I want to give $50 to help a reputable, honest charity, he bids to give $100.

He always bids me to go further than I want to go.

Through that, I am learning His very nature. His very character.

It's natural to want to resist Him. Perfect love means getting dirty. Do I resist Him?

Often, yes. But I am praying to be made be made perfect.

Today, I challenge you to make a list of things you can do to exemplify perfect love, even if it is something simple like picking up after yourself

or doing someone else's duty, simply so they can take a moment to rest.

I need to practice this at home more.

so I will...

Jesus wants us to get our hands dirty.
I don't think He wants us to be Sunday Morning Christians, worried about our manicures or what is happening the reality television show of the week.

I think He wants us knee deep in the dirt, pulling people out of the mud. He wants us digging holes so we can plant.

He wants us out in the field. He wants us to sweat. To toil. After all, He calls us to be workers, planting seeds and then reaping the harvest.

I want to get dirty. I want to volunteer in disaster areas. I want to be His hands of hope to someone that needs to be pulled out of a hole. He is showing me that true Christianity is about the the mud...being willing to lie down in it, so that someone else doesn't have to.

Perfect Love is the sacrifice. Jesus was the sacrifice. Jesus is Perfect Love.

Today, ask Him to show you how you can get dirty.

You must therefore be Perfect, as Your Heavenly Father is Perfect.

Matthew 5:48

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