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Thursday, May 19, 2011

The days go by too quickly

Sometimes it seems as if the days go by too quickly.....

I was spending time with my baby bear the other day and it so often seems as if time moves too fast.

I cringe at all of the years wasted in darkness. Wasted under the fog of depression. Listening to the lies of the Enemy.

The days are so much brighter now..I only wish they would last longer. But I have a very real hope and promise of Heaven. Where there is no time, but there is eternity.

Sometimes I recognize how frail and fragile this life is...people, everyone we love...everything in this life fades. We lose people. We lose time. We get older. We inevitably face death.

It is so sad if we look through the world with our human eyes.

But if we can learn to look beyond the natural realm, we will begin to learn that Heaven, the world of the supernatural, the unseen things of God, are so much greater. We begin to realize that by opening ourselves up, like the petals of a flower, so many good things will unfold in our own lives and in the lives of those around us.

I so often want to keep my children in a shell. Keep them safe, free from harm. I'm so sad because I know that this life is fleeting. This life has no guarantees. All I can do is know that more awaits. All I can do is train my children to be like Him. All I can do is live according to His Word, and trust that, although there are no guarantees in this frail and fleeting life, there is a promise that we can be All Together in the next.

I remember after my best friend Andy died, I was afraid to love again. The pain of loss is so great when we open ourselves up and allow ourselves to be vulnerable.

I read a facebook post the other day from a very special girl, she said that the pain makes her feel alive. I want to tell her that the joy of truly living is better than the pain from being alive.

When we show love and appreciation for those around us, giving thanks to Him for what we have, not dwelling on what we do not, then we can count ourselves blessed.

For, it is then that we are truly living...

But, yes, the days go by so fast.

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