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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

So sad

There are days when I feel a perfect plan unfolding,
there are days when I feel the hugeness of creation and the universe..

there are days when I can see order amidst all of the chaos...
there are days when I think I completely understand what heaven will be like

but there are days when I am sad.
I am sad for the victims of the tornados in Joplin Missouri.
I am sad for the mother of the three children who are lost, taken by the wind..
I am sad because even though I can see Jesus holding her children, I still would not want to walk in her shoes.
I am sad.

I know that in tragedy people turn toward God or they question His goodness....
I am sad for the boy who was killed on his graduation day...sucked through the roof of his vehicle by the force of a tornado. I pray that He is resting in the arms of Jesus.

I am sad because of all of the lies. The lies that invade our life and cause people to question.
I am sad because I have seen things...very supernatural things...I believe in Him...I am sad that so many do not.

I wish I could pour out the contents of my mind.......I wish that I could convey who He is through words....but no words can describe His prescence. No words can describe His power. It is something that must be felt and experienced.

I am sad because He invites each of us to seek....and He tells us that we will find...and I am finding...but I am sad because so many don't want to seek. But instead, listen to the lies.

I am sad becasue I can see things so much bigger than what even a church can reveal. I see safety and solace in His arms. I see a perfect is rooted in a divine is so big and so magnanamous that is unable to be described.

I can see that so many have had experiences. so many. So many talk about thier experiences. I am sad because people's lives have been so inudated with lies, that no one knows who or what to believe.

I have simply learned...that people lie. So many people lie. I have learned to seek Him, through prayer and through His word....I have learned to turn down the noise, and listen to the voice....the one that urges me to act in love....the one that urges me to sacrifice....and I am finding.
Yes, I am finding...
Never look to me for answers. I cannot give them in the way that He can. Only He is perfect in His answers. Only He can fulfill. Only He and He alone.

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