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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


If I knew all of life's mysteries
If I could tell of my fate
Would I seek Him for answers?
And patiently wait?

If I knew the answers,
the wheres? and the whys?
Would I presume to know everything
and reach out for the lies?

If I looked for my answers in the stars up above
Would I forget that my purpose is to reach out in love?

There are so many questions, so much concealed
But When I turn to Him, truth for me, is revealed...

So humbly bend your dear head,
find your answers in prayer
and ask Him to join you.
He'll meet you there.

His Love is Immense
So pure and so Fair
He has shown me a Light
No pain can live there..

So take Him your sorrows
Your questions, Your fear
And the Light of that Love
Will draw you so near

The Holy Spirit is the name
of all that is right
He will perfect your vision
Make clear your sight
Soon the chaos that enfolds your heart
will emerge into colors,
Your life's work of art..

You are so beautiful
You are a seed
So tiny and small
Filled with such need

But if you let Him give you
The Light of His Love
All dark, will turn light
In grace from above.

Cool, I just made this up...He gave it to me...Interesting.

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