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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Live Church

I am going to propose something to my pastor.
I believe Jesus gave me this idea...
One Sunday, I want to have what I am going to call, "A live church."
I want us, as a group of believers, to go out into the field.

I think churches everywhere should experience and share the love they sometimes preach about. My pastor exemplifies love. He lives his faith. Many in our church live thier faith.

I've seen people in other religions living the love of Jesus, basking in His greatness...
The Beauty of Jesus is that He doesn't discriminate. He said, Ask and You shall be given. Seek and You will find.." He doesn't limit the seeking and finding to select groups, churches, or clubs.
He is there for those that need Him. He is there for those that accept Him.

What would "A live church" look like....
Perhaps it would look like people donating things and giving them to those less fortunate.
Perhaps it would mean going into a homeless shelter, or a women's shelter, or a hospital...
And praying for the sick...reaching out to the lost.

Our lives should look something like "A live church"
Not gaining our strength from the four walls of a building...but gaining our strength in the knowlege that He is perfect...and He is love.

Not a hippie, feel-good, do whatever pleases you sort of love...but a love that realizes that sin is imperfect. A love that realizes that sin kills all that is good. A love that causes one to realize that this walk is not about us....and there is a beauty in the letting go.

I love my church. I love the people inside. I love my pastor and his wife. Our church is called Healing House.
But do people have to belong to a church to be saved? I don't think so...I belive that people can live church..."a live church" I believe that other Christians are necessary in our lives because they strengthen us....they reinforce, encourage, and lift up...
But all too often I find that people will disappoint. Sometimes Churches will disappoint....
The only place I feel in His arms...No building can protect me.....Only He can.

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