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Thursday, May 19, 2011

The size of my fire

every once in a long while, Jesus will show me the size of my Light.....through the image of a fire.
I know it sounds crazy but hear me out..

Since I became a Christian, Jesus has showed me so so many things in reference to the Light that lives within us...One night I had a dream. I talk about it in so many other posts. But Jesus showed me how, as Christians, each of us has a Light within us..that me must share with others.

He gave me this very real vision. That, as Christians, we can begin to spread this Light to our community. The light will then spread throughout our nation and then to other parts of the world.

One day I lit a candle...I wanted to relax in the midst of a candlelit bath...Jesus spoke to me, and said..Rachelle, that is the size of your light. That very small yet brilliant light. It was enough to give me light to see in my dark bathroom. But it was so small and so tiny.....

But it was there, nonetheless....It was something.

A few months later I was driving to work. I was praying, as I often do, in my car. I was praising His Name. I looked up, and I saw this huge industrial flare. It extended about 20 feet into the air. As I was praying, I kept looking at this flare. This is going to sound strange to some, but the flare took on this strange quality. Jesus showed me that it was the size of my flame. It had grown so much since the small flame of the little candle.

I was amazed as I looked at this seemingly huge light beaming into the sky. It was a moment, where I could imagine the very real power of the Holy Spirit revealing Himself to me in a very unique way. I work at chemical plant. I see flares every day. But this day was special. Jesus, showed me the size of my fire that day.

I am believing that one day, my fire will be magnamous. Every time we act in love, every time we spread His message, heed His voice, the size of our Light, our flame, grows. Love, inevitably stops the darkness in it's tracks.

What is the size of your flame? Sadly, so many people have lost thier fire. They have let cares of this world smother the Light that longs to thrive and grow within each of us.

Air, or wind...will often cause a flame to grow....Ask Jesus to blow His mighty wind in your direction....Ask Him to Light your flame. He will. If you seek, you will find. Ask and you will be given... So often, we ask for things that we think will please us....but the walk is not about us...
the walk is about serving God, and is about the sacrifice.

Dear Lord, let my actions in purity and love, increase the size of my fire.

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