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Friday, May 20, 2011

with my own two feet..mesage to those in a less than pleasant situation

Today I was very frustrated with a situation. The situation involves work but I think the lesson can apply to maybe any and every situation that causes frustration.

I work so much it seems. I am continually being "forced" into overtime, working long hours...spending too much time away from my children.

Today, I was just frustrated. I know that I have no right to complain. I began to pray and seek the voice of Jesus..that beautiful voice...As I was praying, I realized that I have absolutely no right to complain. None. I am so blessed in so many areas of my life.

First of all, I have a job. I read other people's blogs and I see so much struggle. So many financial problems. So many people are worried about thier next meal, cutting coupons, holding onto every penny, struggling to get put food on the table for thier families.

Oh, I 'm so sad for complaining about having to work too much. It just makes me sad to see my children suffering because they miss their momma.

I have been in both positions in my life. I've been in a position where I had no money. I was on leave from work. My husband had lost his job. We moved in with my in-laws. I had no money for any leisure, entertainment... But I had food. I had shelter. I had quality time with my children.

I am so grateful to my in laws for helping me during this time. So very grateful. I don't know what it is like to be truly without. I have worked my entire life, supported myself, but I have always had family to stay with as I paid off student loans..or worked to complete school.

God Bless the people who have no one. I know things must be extraordinarily difficult for them.

I began to seems as if so many people are unhappy with thier situation. People who work too little and have less...People who work too much and seem to lose time.

I can't be angry about my situation because I carved that path with my own two feet. I had a choice. But God gives us two feet to carve out another. If we aren't happy, we always have the choice to change our situation. Often, we blame God for paths that we carve with our own two feet.

Good things often require work. Sometimes hard, grueling work.

I read a very interesting blog the other day.. It was by a very accomplished man. He said to dream with your feet. Often we want God to bring us out of our situation..But we must ask, what are we doing to change things?

Sitting idly waiting....or working, striving to produce the fruit?

Above all, I know that Jesus has a very distinct voice...when we turn down the noise we can hear it, when we listen. What is He telling you?

I know for me, He gave me a very real, vivid image of my future. But I am now wondering if I am called to work toward that vision or if He will just hand it over...

I"m not sure...I guess I don't where I'm supposed to be..or what I am supposed to be doing...I do know one thing...that I am called to Love. To act in love and kindness.

I know that I have two feet to carve paths. In the past, my feet led me into dark places. Now, my path is lit by the most brilliant and amazing Light.

I know, ultimately, that I am blessed and I have no right whatsoever to complain.

In the meantime, I pray and wait....I know that things will change, I guess I just don't know if I'm supposed to wait patiently for doors to open or dream with my feet. I guess I listen to the voice for now. It will lead me.. In the meantime, I don't sit down. I don't wait. I am not quiet.
I spread His message and let His love be felt.
His Love is meant to be shared.

If you get a chance, read Ecclesiasties. It is a beautiful book that puts so many things in perspective.

As I was typing this up....someone called and said they would work the overtime for me tomorrow! I will get to spend time with my kids, after all. He provides a way. Thank you, Jesus.
You are cool. Dare I say the word, cool. Just cool.

I guess one thing that I have learned is that the pursuit of wealth is futile. If we trust God, He will provide. All that we have is meant to be shared.

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