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Sunday, May 8, 2011

The "Knowing"

This is a blog that details some strange occurances in my life. I've written about many of my experiences with the supernatural in other posts.

I've seen things. Many things are things that I wish I could forget. But I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that the Bible is real. My experiences taught me this.

About 8 years ago...(and please be aware that this will sound strange to most people)
Anyway, I digress...
I was saddling up my oldest boy. He was only two at the time. We were headed for a quick run into town to run our daily routine. I can't remember exactly.

Anyway, as I was about to leave,...our dog Honey, hopped into my car. She wasn't supposed to hop in the car. But she did anyway.

As I was shooing the pup out of the car, I had this thought.....

Today, this dog getting in this car this moment....has altered something. Today, becasue this dog got into this car, I will get into a car accident.

I actually had that thought.

yes, it does sound strange.

As we were driving into town...we were stopped behind a vehicle.
Lo and Behold...a car comes up behind us....and pushes us into the car in front.
The car accident.

That incident has stayed in my mind. It was very strange. I have never ever gotten into my car with the knowledge that I was going to get into an accident before it happened.

It was almost as if I knew, on that day, that something was going to happen.
But it didn't stop me from going. When the thought occured to me I thought that it was just a fleeting thought. I wasn't worried.

I don't consider myself myself psychic.
I do believe that knowledge can come from two different sources.
God. The knowledge of truth and Light. And Satan, who really only provides lies...not real substantial knowledge.

Before any non-believers start rolling thier eyes....hear me out...

Most people don't believe in the devil. I remember in my early twenties, I was walking in a state of confusion.
I had been raised in church and had experienced many things in church. I went to a spirit filled church. In that kind of will see that God is a true power. Not a myth. Not a fairy tale. As Jesus infiltrates your life. Your heart. You will come to see and know that these things aren't make believe.

When I was in my twenties, I had so many questions. Why? Why? Why? I took a philosophy class and although I didn't doubt that God existed..I questioned His goodness.

I wrote in a previous blog about strange occurances that would happen to me as a child. Things that maybe some people would have to see to believe. Put please know that I would not lie. How, I hate lies. I hates lies with a vehemence.

I digress

Please read my post on supernatural experiences. words could express the things that I have seen or experienced
Sadly, many people will doubt because this world is so infiltrated with lies that some people don't know who to believe. How can we know who is telling the truth in this world, when lies slip so easily off of people's tongues.

If people truly knew there was a real place called Hell, imagine the changes. People would be scurrying to do right. to make amends. To treat people with respect. People would clean up thier lives. Thier language. People would stop thier senseless lies.

But through these supernatural experiences, I found that the Bible is real.
When we seek, we find.
so many people scratch thier heads in wonder and doubt.
So many people curse God.
So many expect God to answer thier prayers when they have never given Him any of thier time.
Or any of thier praise. Or anything. So many people expect God to spout answers and understanding when they want it or when they are facing difficulty.
Those same people forget about God and continue walking down paths of darkness when all is well and right with the world.
I used to be one of those people. I expected God to jump when I said "jump." It didn't happen and I was usually left a little upset and disallusioned.
I now see that answers will come when we commit to following Him, both in the good times and the bad. Knock and the door will be opened. Seek and you will find.
I'm seeking and finding for the first time. I have found some fascinating discoveries.
But there is much more awaiting.

I digress....

Knowlegde comes from two souces.

I think many people are aware, on some level, that there is more than what we see.
Sometimes, and this may sound strange, but there are times when the world of the unseen is just as real as the world of the things I see. It's very strange. It almost has an effect of a dream.
Sometimes I wonder which world is more real. The world I see or the supernatural world that I haven't seen with my physical eye, but experienced.
Well, they are both real. No question. No doubt.
I just wish everyone could see. Could have that "knowing"

Knowledge from darkness:
Beware people. Stay away from tarots. stay away from ouija boards. Stay away from witchcraft. wizardry. horoscopes. Pychics. Stay clear. Run and run fast. Because there is a very real knowlege that can come from darkness. It is an alluring knowledge. I can see how people could very possibly be tempted to look to these sources for answers. It's becasue they haven't took the time and learned the patience to get the answers from God.
The knowledge of darkness may satisfy people temporarily but is a dangerous force. I have completely turned my back on the things of darkness.
I see how darkness aims to destroy. I see how it seeks to tear down. I see how it leads us into "paths that feel right" but end in death. I walked down those paths for nearly 10 years. That path,,,although held some amazing times...great lesse le bon temp roulez..times...
led me into places that I wish I had never been. I've seen things that I wish I had never seen.
Only recently, has God truly taken away the stains of all that darkness..and allowed me bathe in the light and innocence of a pure, true, and glorious love.

The knowledge of God...
God gives us an amazing knowledge. If you haven't read my post, entitled "order" please read it. It details things that God showed me. Things that weren't chance or coincidence, but a true knowledge that He gave me.
He shows us things. He communicates. There are times when I haven't liked the things He says. Often, His voice leads me to reach out in ways I'm not always comfortable with. Or to give up things possessions that I loved. But, as I have said in many other posts, there is a beauty in the letting go.
A true peace. A true joy.

I don't know why I had that strange experience with the"knowing" and the car accident.
But one thought that has entered my mind on numerous occassions is this:
Timing is everything.
It sounds mundane when written across a computer screen...

Did that font change make it more interesing, perchance?
what does that mean, timing is everything?

Maybe it refers to God's timing. God has a time. It's not our time. We will learn patience and endurance if we come to realize that all is in God's timing. Timing is everything.

If that dog hadn't hopped in that car...the timing of everything would have been different. I would have left the house sooner. I would have avoided that accident altogether.
This may or not be related..but I know that the Enemy has an agenda. He too has a timetable.
Sometimes when bad things happen, we blame God. But who should we really blame? If we aren't following God, can we really blame Him? If we aren't following God, then we must have fallen into the trap of darkness...
Blame the darkness for all that is foul and disgusting with the world.
Blame the darkness for your troubles. Your problems.
Then seek...reach for the Light of Love and Hope...and find..and be full.

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