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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Disheartening prediction, disheartening responses

I'm so sad that so many people are falling for the May 21st end of the world scam. It really truly makes me very sad. When May 21st passes without incident, so many people will be left scratching thier heads, blaming Christianity..

How many people will lose faith because they put thier faith in this case a radio broadcaster who spent his entire life fortune on advertising the upcoming "doomsday."

The Bible says , "No man knows the day nor the hour, " in reference to Christ's return.

Apparently the doomsday speaker doesn't believe he is a man. He fancies himself a god, I suppose.

I read an article on CNN written by an athiest. Thousands of people have sold many of thier belongings because they think the end of world is in two days.
The article reflects the athiests disgust with Christianity. I'm so sad at lies in general. When we claim to be Christian and lie or act foolishly, so many people turn away in sadness and disgust.

I left a comment in the comment section of the article... I don't remember exactly what I stated, but something to effect of how I'm not an Christian woman droning about an unfelt God. I am a woman who has experienced the power of God. I don't believe in the Bible because I live in the Bible belt. I am not someone who is "mass deluded" into believing some dead thing that I am being force fed by a pastor, preacher, or priest.

I am woman who has experienced. All too often we put our hopes in man. Man lies. Man disappoints. But Jesus, although His name has been tainted by "christians" that claim to know Him and walk in lies and darkness, is a very real and very powerful force.

I wish I could cause everyone to experience the Power of God. I once read the Bible and all I saw were words across a page. It wasn't until I commited myself to following it, that things began to come together in great and unimaginable ways. I began to see order amidst the choas.
Peace amonst cacophany.

I posted a link along with my if you are here and have questions....I pray that you will find your answers. Maybe you will never read a Bible. I hope you can read through all of my experiences and see the face of Jesus behind my life. Because He is there. He is real.
Whoever you are, faceless stranger, I love you.

Pray for the man that wrote the article, please pray for the families that will be affected by this circulation doomsday lie, and please pray for the man who is spreading them.

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