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Monday, May 9, 2011

Interesting day..talking to strangers....sharing some light..

Today was quite interesting.
I was driving to work...yes, I work A LOT.
I stopped at a convenient store, which also houses a Subway.
I saw a black man sitting in a booth. Eating by himself. Something struck me about him.

Sometimes I feel the Holy Spirit urging me to speak to someone. To be kind. To smile and wave. To simply say hello. Or to say, Hey, Jesus loves you.

I've always been shy but I'm coming out of my shell.
Well, I felt the need to say hello. So I did. I waltzed over to the man in the booth and said, "Hey, Jesus asked me to say hello to you."
It was innocent. I'm married.
He smiled. He was pleased that I had spoke to him. So we talked for a few minutes, then I ventured on to work.
But it made for yet another interesting experience.
Thank you, Jesus.
Yet again, you are "cool." Dare I say the word, "cool."

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