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Friday, May 13, 2011

Grip of darkness, and an upcoming journey to bring hope to women considering abortion..

The other night at work...I felt an immense darkness gripping me ...
I don't know why..but Jesus has allowed me to feel darkness...those nasty foul disgusting creatures a physical way. I have experienced the supernatural, and I guess it is why my faith is great. I felt a darkness gripping me like a vice. My chest felt as if it were literally wrapped in a vice. There are times when I tell the darkness to leave in the name of my Savior. It usually leaves. The name of my Jesus is so powerful...He is a true power...but the other night..the darkness kept gripping.

I went into a room and prayed. As I was driving home, I had an amazing idea...I know that it was divinely inspired.

I am going to write letters to women considering abortion. I am going to bring these letters, along with baby booties into pregnancy resource centers, planned parenthoods, etc...

I am going to write a message of hope for these women....I had a beautiful idea..the image came to my mind of a drawing...I imagined a woman....from the neck down...holding her belly....inside her belly a tiny, red beating heart...glowing....I then saw an image of Jesus...with his hand upon the belly of the mother. His head leaned down, his eyes closed, praying a prayer.

I called my friend Mandy a few days later. She is an amazing artist. She is going to draw this image. I am going to make hundreds of copies and deliver them so they can be placed into the hands of women considering abortions. I know that is the reason why the darkness was fighting me so bad that night.

I went home that night and I felt Jesus urging me to pray. I prayed. I was drifing off to sleep and Jesus urged me to get up again and i did....once more...urging...I prayed...
I didn't necessarily feel like praying. I was so tired from work. But I prayed...and as I listened to His voice, I could feel a loosening...the darkness couldn't touch me...
The next day I felt the need to fast. I didn't want to.....but Jesus showed me that sacrifice and prayer drive away the darkness....His Word drives away the darkness.

The Enemy doesn't want the light to grow. He will fight. He will maniupulate. He will use tactics...but when we sacrifice...turn down the noise, and listen to His voice...When we seek Him word, the darkness can not steal the good that He longs to plant in us...and the good that He wants us to plant in others.

Did you know a baby's heart beats only 18 days after conception? It's heart is forming during the first 18 days...a baby has a's little hairs are numbered..

Please pray for the women considering abortion...

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