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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Music often melts me

Music has the ability to melt me. Nothing speaks of human love better than the guitar of Chris Isaak. His voice alone has the power to melt.

Music often brings out a desire in me for things that I no longer want to desire. Music, in a sense, makes me weak.

The other day I was at a coffee shop, music was playing in the background. I began to feel somewhat sad, remembering things that should be left in the past. Music has the power to resurrect. It awakens vulnerabilities in me. There is no question that music is powerful.
For some, however, it speaks of the wrong messages.

Music often speaks of the wrong king of love. Love that is selfish and self motivated.

But yes, I still love music!

For the time being, I listen to it a lot less. I find that when I listen, I concentrate on myself. I ponder my own needs and desires. I think less about others.

Music resurrect times in my life that I need to forget.

I know that for now, I long for quiet and peace. I long for the rest and the voice that comes in stillness and silence.

For now, I turn it down...not forever, there are still moments when I will listen to my Chris Isaak...or Bob Marley...or Brandy Carlisle...or Al Greene...

But for now, I want to be strong. I have walked in weakness and vulnerability nearly my entire life.
I want to be strong.

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