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Monday, May 9, 2011

Reasons you should "follow" this blog...or even read it on occassion

Reason 1: I will occassionally......inevitably give away some free stuff. Maybe a gift card here and there or maybe an occasional money order. Maybe just some random free thing. Interesting and surprising things.

Reason 2: My life was a life of ruin. Chaos. But I have seeked....and I have found. My cup runneth over. I want your cup to run over. I want you to find answers. You may not look for your answer in a I want you to look at my life. Hear my stories....and the stories of others...and hopefully my life will unfold in such a way...that you say, "O' that's what it's all about....hmmmm...interesting."

Reason 3: I want you to know that you are loved. Sounds cheesy? It's true. It's a God thing. He gave it to me. But yeah, I love you. No stalkers please.

Reason 4: It is always interesting to delve into the life of an unknown person...a stranger..and see what they are doing. I would be that stranger.

Reason 5: Soon I have links to great, wonderful, and beautiful music...that I wrote..and can relax over a cup of joe after I direct you to my music web site...and sit back and listen...Ahhhhhhh...relaxation.

Reason 6: Free stuff. I love you.

Reason 7: Rest. just unwind. Vent your troubles and frets to my email....I'll pray for you. :)

Reason 8: Occassional recipes from down south. The good stuff. The things "grandma" used to make.

Reason 9: I am not cool. Nor do I pretend to be. I am honest and open. I am the person with the open ear. The listener. I don't care what religion you are. What color you are. I never meet a stranger. I like people.

Reason 10: Just because you can. Because you have two hands that God gave..and all you have to do is click a mouse to get here.....the place where love is.... :) and free stuff... :)

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