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Friday, May 20, 2011

Our Zinnia

The other day, I bought my boys a little kit for growing a flower.
Little Bear and I planted ours about a week ago.

I recall looking at the seed. It looked so frail. So helpless. I remember thinking, how is this dry, dead looking thing going to grow into something with petals and color?

But I planted it and watered it. I placed it in a little nook on the outside porch.

I waited a few days and today I went outside.

Several small green buds were showing thier heads, peering above the dirt.

I thought it was beautiful how I could see something green and vibrant growing from something that seemed so small and insignificant.

That little seed, although it seemed like nothing, contained inside it something special. It held life although that life was dormant. It held the building blocks to something more.

I remember when my life seemed like nothing. And I still remember that voice that said, "rachelle, you are a tiny seed, but if you let me water you and give you the Light of my love, you will grow into something beautiful.

Oh, Oh, the things that grow.
Today, ask Him for His water..."Let all who are thirsty, come." Ask Him for His Light, "I am the way, the Truth, and the Light." You will flourish. You will grow. You will find your roots.

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