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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Flowers on cars....

Today I was at the supermarket. I saw a beautiful arrangement of flowers.

I bought them and left them on someone's car. A random stranger. I wrote them a little note telling them that they are beautiful. Jesus loves them. They are loved.

I gave them this blog address....

Stranger, if you are reading this....just wanted to let you know that there is hope for your life.

Jesus, is where good things grow.

Lately, I've been constantly thinking of things to do. I've learned that: By spreading the light of His love, we grow. We find our roots. We become strong. We become the house built upon the rock when we act in ways of love and kindness. When we encourage. Lift up.

I got a work bonus a few months ago. I told Jesus that I would use half of it to plant seeds of love and kindness....

Today I ordered some seeds. Texas Bluebonnets. I found a company that personalizes flower seed packets. Very interesting..

So I personalized 250 seed packets.

It should look something like this:

You are a tiny seed

But if you let God water you with the light of His love

You will grow into something Beautiful

I've seen many things

I know that Jesus is real

Today, I speak a Blessing into your life

that you will know, that you are loved. Simply loved

My hope is that whoever receives these seeds...I'll probably leave them on random cars in various parking lots around town....

I hope that whoever receives these seeds will begin to seek Him....

Love stops the darkness in it's tracks...

I used to think the darkness would always win.....but that is because I was immersed in its clutches. I was spreading the darkness with my words and my foul deeds....but as I committed myself to following the Word of God, that wonderful instruction manual, things came together in a beautiful way...

So today, plant your own seeds of love.

Good things grow..when we spread the Light of His love...

Pass this on :)

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  1. RACHELLE!!!! It is amazing what you are doing! God bless you! I love this leaving random strangers flowers with encouragements an blessings! How sweet and thoughtful. You are inspiring!! I love you!!