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Monday, May 23, 2011

Something out of Nothing

Last night as I was drifting off to sleep, I saw amazing things when I closed my eyes...

It appeared as if I could see the formation of Creation...I know it sounds strange...but I could see how the same Spirit that lives in us...the same substance from the Light of my dreams,

has the ability to form something from nothing. The earth was spoken into existence. "Let there be Light." It was as if I could close my eyes and feel the power of God forming something that was once void and lifeless.

The same Spirit that formed the earth and universe from nothing, took my dry, dusty, once dead life....and used someone to speak life back into it....

words have the power to build up...

to create...

or to destroy.

Stephen Hawking, the renowed scientist, doesn't believe in God. But he ironically recognizes that something can not come from nothing.

It took a Spirit to create the world.

A very powerful Spirit of love that we call God. He created perfection. It was man that ruined things. It was man's spirit of oppostion, that powerful force called "self" that gave into temptation.

That is why we are called to deny self, to live for Him, serving others.
As I act in love and follow His word, I can see His plan of perfection.

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